Line 3 (Madrid Metro)

Line 3 of the Madrid Metro was opened in August 1936 between Sol and Embajadores, a few days before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. In 1941 it was extended from Sol to Argüelles, in 1949 from Embajadores to Delicias, in 1951 from Delicias to Legazpi, in 1963 from Argüelles to Moncloa, and in 2007 from Legazpi to Villaverde Alto. In 2006, the platforms were lengthened to 90M for the use of 6 car trains of class 3000. During this process, all of the stations were modernised and rebuilt, thus giving the original section of Line 3 a brand new look. Moncloa Station was completely rebuilt next to the Line 6 Station to give easy access. On 21 April 2007, the line was extended from Legazpi to Villaverde Alto, doubling its length. This was the first extension of the line since 1951. In the future, there should be further extensions on both ends of the line. In the north the line should be extended to Nuevos Ministerios where transfer to lines 6,8 and 10 is available. The line will stop at Cuatro Caminos (Transfer with lines 1,2 and 6 available) and Islas Filipinas (Transfer with line 7 available). In the south the line will be extended to El Casar, where it will meet Line 12 (metrosur) and C3 Cercanías station.

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