The Chiaffalo is a local art project taking place in Jamestown, ND. The intent of the project is to turn Jamestown's World's Largest Buffalo Statue into the world's largest Chia Pet in the summer of 2008, the city's 125th anniversary.

This project is being sponsored by a group of local artists through the Jamestown Arts Center, and the city tourism board. [Telephone inquiry, [ The Arts Center of Jamestown] , 1 December 2006.] [Website, [ World's Largest Chia Pet Project] ]

The process of getting the Chia grass on the buffalo has not yet been determined, but initial plans involve covering with a material to hold the seed and shelter it from the sun so that the seeds are able to sprout.

The Chiaffalo project has not yet been officially endorsed by the city of Jamestown or any other organization, other than the Arts Center of Jamestown, however various groups in Jamestown have begun forming committees to address the project. A project homepage has been established and is maintained by Team Chiaffalo. Several social networking groups have also sprouted in support of the Chiaffalo project, resulting in national and worldwide interest in the project.

There have been two letters to the editor written about the Chiaffalo. One was published in the Jamestown Sun and the other was published in the Jamestown College Collegian, which was also circulated in the Jamestown Sun. These letters have prompted local interest in the project.

Word of mouth advertisement has been the primary tool used in circulating information regarding the project, along with

The June 2007 grant from Hampton Inn's Save-A-Landmark program to refinish the buffalo a by-product of the Chiaffalo project. [Email Inquiry [ Hampton Inn] ]


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* [ The Arts Center of Jamestown]
* [ The "Chiaffalo": World's Largest Chia Pet Project]

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