Spectra Fashions

Spectra Fashions (later Logan Designs, Spectra Couture and then finally "M" Fashions) is a fictional fashion house located on the fictional 380 South Wyler Street in Los Angeles on the American soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful".

Spectra is Forrester Creations' main rival, headed by Sally Spectra (played by the late Darlene Conley). It is a knock-off firm, stealing designs from their rival company, (Forrester Creations).

At Spectra, Sally was usually helped by her daughter Macy (Bobbie Eakes), and Sally's receptionist, Darla Einstein (Schae Harrison). Also seen often was fashion designer Clarke Garrison (Daniel McVicar), who fathered C.J. (Mick Cain), Sally's son.

Spectra went bankrupt in 2005 for losing the competition between Ridge Forrester (Ron Moss) and his son Thomas Forrester (Drew Tyler Bell) over Gabriela "Gaby" Moreno (Shanelle Workman), Thomas lost the competition and divorced Gabby, and Sally was forced to close the company.

"M" Fashions

In 2007 it was revealed that Sally had sold the defunct-Spectra, but that the new owners had gone bankrupt and so ownership of the company had been reverted back to Sally. Sally, who is now living in St. Tropez, decided to sell the company again.

Jackie Marone purchased the company after being convinced by Clarke to do so. Clarke also convinced Jackie that they should "tweak" Eric Forrester's designs and then claim them as their own. After much convincing Jackie's son, Nick Marone, agreed to pay for the company and come on board as a "silent" partner. Jackie has also changed the name of the company to "M" Fashions.

"M" Divisions

Since, Dominick Marone and Jacqueline Payne Marone have bought Spectra Couture Jackie's Jackie M Boutiques will sell "M" Fashions' deisgns.

Current Employees

*Jacquline Payne Marone (Lesley-Anne Down) (Owner and CEO)
*Dominick Marone (Jack Wagner) (Silent Partner)
*Clarke Garrison (Daniel McVicar) (Designer)

Former Employees

* Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley) (Founder and CEO)
* Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) (CEO)
* Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss) (Designer; then Owner and CEO during Logan Designs)
* Thorne Forrester (Winsor Harmon) (First designer, President)
* Darla Einstein (Schae Harrison) (Receptionist)
* Felicia Forrester (Lesli Kay) (First designer; then, International Relations)
* Thomas Forrester (Drew Tyler Bell) (Designer)
* Grant Chambers (Charles Grant) (Designer)
* Jasmine Malone (Lark Voorhies) (Designer)
* Saul Feinberg (Michael Fox) (Tailer)
* Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (Tracey E. Bregman) (Designer)
* Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz) (Designer)
* Anthony Armando (Michael Sabatino) (Designer)
* Antonio Dominguez (Paulo Benedeti) (Designer)
* Sofia Alonso (Sandra Vidal) (Model)

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