Accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union

Accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union

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The accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union faces many economic and political problems today. The nation has recently been making slow but steady progress, including co-operation with the war crimes tribunal at The Hague, so the outlook is positive.

Negotiations on a Stabilisation and Association Agreement - the first step before applying for membership - started in 2005 and were originally expected to be finalised in late 2007. cite news |url= |title= Germany prepares to take over EU presidency |work= Southeast European Times |date= 2006-12-19 |accessdate= 2007-01-10] Negotiations stalled due to a disagreement over police reform, which the EU insisted on centralising away from the entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Agreement was intialled on 4 December 2007, and, following the adoption of the police reforms in April 2008, the Agreement was signed on 16 June, 2008. [ [ Bosnia and Herzegovina initials pre-membership agreement with EU] , "Xinhua", 2007-12-05] [ [ Bosnia signs EU pre-accession deal] , "EUobserver", 2008-06-17]

Javier Solana indicated that Bosnia and Herzegovina might become an EU candidate in the spring of 2009. [ [ Solana pozdravlja reformu policije u BiH] (Bosnian), "", 2008-04-16]

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