Prostitute (EP)

Infobox Album
Name = Prostitute
Type = ep
Artist = Neuroticfish

Released = June 4,2002
Recorded =
Genre = Synthpop
Length = 16:24
Label = Strange Ways
Producer = Neuroticfish
Reviews =
Last album = Sushi 2001
This album = Prostitute 2002
Next album = Les Chansons Neurotiques 2002
The third EP from German synthpop band Neuroticfish featuring three remixes of "Prostitute" and the song "3 Minutes Breakdown".

Track listing

#"Prostitute (Single Version)" - 3:45
#"Prostitute (NYC Club Edit)" - 5:11
#"Prostitute (No Pop Mix)" - 4:28
#"3 Minutes Breakdown" - 3:00

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