Star-crossed (disambiguation)

In Literature
*Star-crossed refers to a situation in which one or more individuals attempts to defy fate. Introduced and popularized in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

In geography
*Starcross is a riverside village in Devon, England.

In media
*Starcrossed is a 2005 film
*Starcrossed is a 2004 single by the Irish alternative rock group, Ash
*Star-Crossed is the title of an episode of the television series Tru Calling.
*"Starcrossed", an episode of the animated television series Justice Legaue.
*Starcrossed is an album from artist Maggie Reilly, released in 2000.
*Starcross is a 1982 Videogame.
*Star Cross'd Destiny is a webcomic.
*"The Starcrossed" is a science fiction novel by Ben Bova.
*Starcrossed, a tv show in the movie A Dog's Breakfast that may be produced as a spin off.

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