Deluxe Records

Deluxe Records
Deluxe Records
Founded 2003
Founder Samy Deluxe
Genre Hip-hop
Country of origin Germany
Location Hamburg
Official Website

Deluxe Records is the record label of German hip-hop artist Samy Deluxe.



After Hamburg label Eimsbush went bankrupt in 2003, Dynamite Deluxe member Samy Deluxe founded a new label within the same year called Deluxe Records. At first, it was part of Capitol Records which is owned by EMI. The first artists besides Samy Deluxe himself were the rap group Headliners and rapper Illo. To make them known and to help distributing mixtapes and merchandise, Samy founded the branch Hamburgs Finest. Starting off on the internet, Hamburgs Finest Mixtape Vol. 4 - So Deluxe So Glorious was the first mixtape to retail. 2005 compilation album Deluxe Records - Let's Go, together with the Let's-Go-Tour, helped introducing the label to further audience.

In 2006, five other artists signed contracts with Deluxe Records. They were Munich rapper Ali A$, Ruhr Area artists Manuellsen and Snaga & Pillath as well as Cologne rapper Blade.

On February 12, 2007, an internet show called Deluxe Zoom started broadcasting live performances and backstage footage of the label's artists. The episodes appeared at irregular intervals and today, no more episodes will be produced.

In July 2007, Deluxe Records broke away from Capitol Records/ EMI and is now an independent label distributed over Groove Attack. Solely Same Deluxe's albums will be released over Capitol Records. In December 2007, rapper TUA, formerly signed on Royal Bunker, joined Deluxe Records. On March 14 2008, Snaga & Pillath broke up with Deluxe Records due to misunderstandings relating to business. Manuellsen also left the label in 2008. Illo, who quit his rap career, and Blade also followed in the same year.

As of now, Deluxe Records consists of Samy Deluxe, Ali A$ and TUA. In December 2008, they released a sampler with the title Liebling, ich habe das Label geschrumpft. It is translated Honey, I Shrunk the Label, which obviously is a parody of the motion picture Honey, I Shrunk The Kids due to the cut of signed artists on the label.



Year Title Artist Chart Positions
2004 Verdammtnochma! Samy Deluxe 2 10 9
2005 Deluxe Records - Let's Go Deluxe Records 26 52 53
2006 Insallah Manuellsen
Das Album zum Film Headliners
2007 Aus Liebe zum Spiel Snaga & Pillath 38
Wer wenn nicht ich? Illo 97
2008 Bombe Ali A$
Liebling, ich habe das Label geschrumpft Deluxe Records
2009 Grau TUA
Dis' wo ich herkomm Samy Deluxe 3


Year Title Artist Chart Positions Album
2004 "Zurück" Samy Deluxe
"Warum?" Samy Deluxe feat. Vibe
2005 "Generation" Samy Deluxe
  • 2005: Samy Deluxe - Let's Go
  • 2006: Headliners - Sag ihnen Bescheid
  • 2006: Manuellsen - Meine Zeit/True Story ("My Time/")
  • 2006: Manuellsen - Dear Christin
  • 2007: Snaga & Pillath - R.U.H.R.P.O.T.T. (feat. Manuellsen)
  • 2007: Illo - Sie ist... (feat. Emory) ("She is...")
  • 2007: Illo - Oh mein Gott (feat. Emory) ("Oh My God")
  • 2007: Snaga & Pillath - Einen Tag (feat. Manuellsen)
  • 2007: Manuellsen - Vor-Bye
  • 2008: Tua - Inzwischen (EP)
  • 2008: Sugon Sia - More Than 2 Cocks inz de Mouf
  • 2008: Ali As - Ich bin ein Star, holt mich hier raus

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