Roulette (Transformers)

Roulette is the name of a fictional character in the various Transformers universes.

Transformers: Universe

Transformers character
name =Roulette

caption =
affiliation =Autobot
subgroup =Convention Exclusives
Deluxe Vehicles
Female Transformers
rank =7
function =Sharpshooter
partner =
motto ="Life should be as easy as hitting bullseyes."
alternatemodes =Dodge Viper
series =
engvoice =
japanvoice =
At an early age, Roulette and her sister Shadow Striker watched as their sister was destroyed at the hands of nomadic invaders. This traumatic event gave Roulette her passion for law enforcement, in the hopes that she could prevent such tragedies from happening to others. She placed second in the Intraformers Sharpshooting Competition behind Sureshot, but she was forgotten amongst the cheers for the winner. Her incredible marksmanship is dismissed even by her fellow Autobots, mostly because the more pigheaded of them could never believe a female Autobot could outshoot them. She doesn't mind; she knows they're jealous. [ [ Roulette (Autobot Deluxe Vehicles, Convention & Club Exclusives) ] ]

3H Enterprises

Roulette, her sister, and fellow Autobots Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and Trailbreaker returned to Cybertron after a long absence. The planet's Maximals welcomed them home, but the celebration was interrupted by Unicron, who abducted all five Autobots, as well as the Maximals Silverbolt and Blackarachnia. Abduction After she and many other prisoners were freed by Optimus Primal, Roulette was turned on by Shadow Striker, who had become corrupted by the influence of Unicron. She was forced to leave her sister behind when Primal led the escapees back to Cybertron.

Fun Publications

In the comic story found in issue 8 of the Transformers Collectors Club magazine "Robots in Disguise" Optimus Prime told the story of the last battle he was in, set in the Transformers: Universe storyline. Alongside "10th Anniversary" Optimus Primal they attacked the last of Unicron's forces when Unicron suddenly disappeared, and they barely escaped. Among the Autobot forces were "Universe" Fireflight, King Atlas, "Universe Night Slash" Cheetor, "Universe" Longhorn, "Universe" Prowl, "Universe" Repugnus, Rhinox, "Universe" Side Burn, "Universe" Silverbolt, "Generation One" Sideswipe, "Generation One" Sunstreaker, Tap-Out, Trailbreaker, "Cybertron/Robots in Disguise" Ultra Magnus and "Universe" Whirl. Among the Decepticons were "Universe" Blackarachnia, Nemesis Strika, "Universe" Obsidian, "Universe" Razorclaw, Reptilion and "Universe" Skywarp.


*Transformers: Universe Roulette (2003):Roulette was packaged together with her Decepticon sister Shadow Striker. The two were available exclusively at BotCon 2003. Both Roulette and Shadow Striker are slight remolds of "Robots in Disguse" Side Burn, with a new head. :Roulette's color scheme was based on Sakuyamon, as convention organizer Glen Hallit was also a big "Digimon" fan.:Roulette's toy is 12.5 cm long, and a Dodge Viper is 445 cm long. This is a scale of about 1:36. Since she stands 13 cm tall in robot mode, her robot mode would stand 15.4 feet tall.


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