A dunam or dönüm, dunum, donum, dynym, dulum was a non-SI unit of land area used in the Ottoman Empire and representing the amount of land that can be plowed in a day; its value varied from 900–2500 m². In many formerly Ottoman regions, it is now defined as exactly one decare (1000 m²).

It was defined as "forty standard paces in length and breadth",[1] but varied considerably from place to place.



The name dönüm, from the Ottoman Turkish دونمك / dönmek (to turn) appears to be a calque of the Byzantine stremma and had the same size. It was likely adopted by the Ottomans from the Byzantines in Mysia-Bithynia.[2] In Arabic, the word is spelled دونم (dūnam) which is "a square measure (Iraq= about 2500 m²; Palestine= roughly, 1000 m²)."[3]



In Bulgaria, the decare (декар) is used.


In Northern Cyprus the donum is 14,400 square feet (1,338 m2). In the Republic of Cyprus older Greek Cypriots also still refer to the donum, although this is gradually being replaced by another local Greek Cypriot dialect word, σκάλες ['skales], rather than the mainland Greek word stremma. However, officially Cyprus uses the square metre.


In Iraq, the dunam is 2,500 square metres (0.25 ha).[citation needed]

Israel, Syria, Palestinian territories, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey

In Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, Syria, and Turkey the dunam is 1,000 square metres (10,764 sq ft), which is 1 decare. Before the end of the Ottoman Empire and during the early years of the British Mandate of Palestine, the size of a dönüm was 919.3 square metres (9,895 sq ft), but in 1928 the metric dunam of 1,000 square metres (0.10 ha) was adopted, and this is still used.[4]

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia

In Bosnia and Herzegvina and also Serbia, the unit is called dunum (дунум) but sometimes it's mistakenly called dulum (дулум). It is equal to 1,000 square meters[5]


Other countries using a dunam of some size include Libya, Syria, Albania, and the countries of the former Yugoslavia.[citation needed]

The Greek stremma has the same size as the metric dunam.[citation needed]

The metric dunam is particularly useful in hydrological calculations as 1 dunam times 1 mm (a unit commonly used for measuring precipitation) equals exactly one cubic meter.


A metric dunam is equal to:

  • 1,000 square metres (exactly)
  • 10 ares (exactly)
  • 1 decare (exactly)
  • 0.1 hectares (exactly)
  • 0.001 square kilometres (exactly)

See also

  • Feddan, a similar non-SI unit of area used in Egypt, Sudan, and Syria.
  • Resm-i donum, a land tax based on the area of a farm.


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