Hiram I

Hiram I

Hiram I (Hebrew: חִירָם, "high-born"; Standard Hebrew Unicode|"Ḥiram", Tiberian vocalization "Ḥîrām"), according to the Bible, was the Phoenician king of Tyre from 969 BC to 936 BC, succeeding his father, Abibaal. Hiram was succeeded as king of Tyre by Baal-Eser I (935-919). [Vance, Donald R. (March 1994) "Literary Sources for the History of Palestine and Syria: The Phœnician Inscriptions" "The Biblical Archaeologist" 57(1) , pp. 2-19]


During Hiram's reign, Tyre grew from a satellite of Sidon into the most important of Phoenician cities, and the holder of a large trading empire. He suppressed the rebellion of the first Tyrean colony at Utica, near the later site of Carthage.

The Bible says that he allied himself with King Solomon of Israel, the upcoming power of the region. Through the alliance with Solomon, Hiram ensured himself access to the major trade routes to Egypt, Arabia and Mesopotamia. The two kings also joined forces in starting a trade route over the Red Sea, connecting the Israelite harbour of Ezion-Geber with a land called Ophir.

Both kings grew rich through this trade and Hiram sent Solomon architects, workmen and cedar wood to build the First Temple in Jerusalem. He also extended the Tyrean harbour, enlarged the city by joining the two islands on which it was built, and built a royal palace and a temple for Melqart.


The alleged sarcophagus of Hiram is located "two hours" walk southeast of Tyre, a colossal limestone sarcophagus on a high pedestal" [http://gatchina3000.ru/brockhaus-and-efron-encyclopedic-dictionary/110/110262.htm] , so-called Qabr Hiram. [C.R.Conder and H.H.Kitchener, "The Survey of Western Palestine I. Galilee", London 1881, S. 61-64] It is not to be confused with the famous Ahiram sarcophagus.

Freemason tradition

Hiram I is plays a role in Freemasonic tradition as a provider of materials, money and craftsmen for the construction of Solomon's Temple. This comes from the Biblical account of the alliance between Solomon's Israel and Hiram I's Tyre. Most importantly, he is said to have sent his master craftsmen, Hiram Abiff, to serve as the construction's foreman. [See, "e.g.", [http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/historypage.htm "History of Masonry"] ] . Some believe that the two Hirams in the story are the same because they share a name and both are from Tyre. Hiram Abiff should be identified with the "cunning man" sent by King Hiram to help erect the temple in 2 Chronicles 2:13-14. It is likely, therefore, that a mis-interpretation of this Bible passage lead to the duplicate name. The Freemasonic tradition expands on the few, short Biblical references and creates an allegory that is not purported to be factual. During the height of Masonic membership in the United States, Hiram became a common name.

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