List of people on stamps of Anguilla

This is a list of people who have appeared on the postage stamps of Anguilla. Dates given indicate the first year a postage stamp was issued that featured the person. Some have appeared on later issues.

This list is complete through Scott catalogue no. 1144 of 2005.

*John Adams (2001), U.S. president
*Buzz Aldrin (1999), American astronaut
*Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy (1994)
*Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester (1994)
*Prince Andrew, Duke of York (1986)
*Anne, Princess Royal (1973)
*Anthony the Great (1975), Egyptian Christian saint
*Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell (1970), scouting founder
*Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1980), Queen Mother
*Isabella Brant (1977), first wife of Peter Paul Rubens
*Sir Thomas Buxton, 1st Baronet (1984), abolitionist and social reformer
*Charles, Prince of Wales (1981)
*Winston Churchill (1974), English statesman
*Thomas Clarkson (1984), abolitionist
*Christopher Columbus (1986), navigator and explorer
*Cardigan Connor (2000), cricket player
*Pierre de Coubertin (2004), Olympic Games founder
*Diana, Princess of Wales (1981)
*Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (1972)
*Olaudah Equiano (1984), merchant and abolitionist
*Hélène Fourment (1977), second wife of Peter Paul Rubens
*Suzanne Fourment (1977), younger sister of Peter Paul Rubens' second wife, Hélène Fourment
*Benjamin Franklin (2001), American diplomat and scientist
*Charles George Gordon (1984), British army officer
*Dag Hammarskjöld (1995), Swedish diplomat and second Secretary-General of the United Nations
*Lanville Harrigan (2000), cricket player
*Paul P. Harris (2005), Rotary International founder
*Henry I of Haiti (1984), King of Haiti
*Prince Henry of Wales (2000), a.k.a. Prince Harry
*Johannes Hevelius (1986), astronomer
*Albena Lake Hodge (1999), revolutionary hero
*Collins O. Hodge (1999), revolutionary hero
*Walter G. Hodge (1999), revolutionary hero
*Thomas Jefferson (2001), U.S. president
*Jesus (1971)
*John the Baptist (1975)
*John Paul Jones (2001), American revolutionary hero
*Trygve Lie (1995), Norwegian politician and first Secretary-General of the United Nations
*Abraham Lincoln (1984), U.S. president
*Mary Magdalene (1975)
*Mary (mother of Jesus) (1974)
*Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson (1981), English admiral
*Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1972)
*Mark Phillips (1973), horseman and former husband of Princess Anne
*Edwin W. Rey (1999), revolutionary hero
*Franklin D. Roosevelt (1974), U.S. president
*Peter Paul Rubens (1977), painter
*Sarah, Duchess of York (1986)
*Sebastian (1975), Christian saint and martyr
*Granville Sharp (1984), British abolitionist
*U Thant (1995), Burmese diplomat and third Secretary-General of the United Nations
*Demetrius Vikelas (2004), first president of the International Olympic Committee
*George Washington (2001), U.S. president
*William Wilberforce (1984), British politician and abolitionist
*Prince William of Wales (2000)


*Scott catalogue
*Michel catalog

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