Global Country of World Peace

Global Country of World Peace, an organization established on October 7 2000 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program, [ [ Inauguration of the Global Country of World Peace ] ] is dedicated to what Maharishi calls preventive, invincible administration for the whole world. Through his programs, he says that he intends to create world peace by simultaneously strengthening and unifying the world's diversity in happiness, prosperity, and invincibility. Maharishi claims that by implementing the programs of the Global Country of World Peace (GCWP), war, disease and poverty can be eliminated.

Structure of the GCWP

On October 12 2000 Maharishi appointed Lebanese neuroscientist, Tony Nader, MD, PhD, [ [ Tony Nader ] ] Maharaja Adhiraj Raam (Vedic king), [ [ Inauguration of the Global Country of World Peace ] ] the "First Sovereign Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace". Additionally, the GCWP is administered by 40 ministers and an unspecified number of Rajas, all trained and appointed by Maharishi, and coming from various professional and national backgrounds. While each minister has global responsibility for his ministry, for example, of agriculture, education, science and technology, etc., each Raja is responsible for implementing the programs of each ministry within a specific geographical area.

Constitution of the Universe

The constitution of the GCWP is not a written document. Termed the Constitution of the Universe, it is said to be the complete knowledge of all the laws of nature, which modern science explains in the language of physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. [ [ Inauguration of the Global Country of World Peace ] ] It is believed that the same cosmic intelligence that administers the entire universe perfectly can be used to support all the constitutions of the world with equal perfection. Maharishi's programs are said to provide the education necessary to harness nature's intelligence so that every nation can rise to affluence, perfect health, and invincibility, thereby creating world peace. [ [ Inauguration of the Global Country of World Peace ] ] [ [ Inauguration of the Global Country of World Peace ] ]

Raam currency

Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace has issued its own currency called the "Raam." [ [ Global Country of World Peace Paper Money, 2001 Local Currency, Coins and Bonds ] ] The Raam is supposed to be a "catalyst currency" to facilitate the implementation of developmental projects throughout the world, and thereby alleviate international poverty. The currency is in use in Iowa and has been given approval in The Netherlands. [ [ BBC] ]

Transcendental Meditation technique

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a trademarked meditation technique introduced in 1958 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The Transcendental Meditation technique is practiced for twenty minutes twice a day while sitting with the eyes closed, [ "The Transcendental Meditation Program"] ] enabling the mind to "transcend" to a quieter state. [ "Transcendental Consciousness"] ] The technique is said to be effortless, not involving concentration or contemplation. [Shear, Jonathan (2006). "The Experience of Meditation", 25, 30-32, 43-44] Research has been done on the effects of this meditation technique on mind and body, ranging from investigating its effects on cardiovascular disease to studying the physiological and psychological correlates of so-called "higher states of consciousness" purported to result from its practice. The technique is said to have been taught to over six million people worldwide. [ [ The Transcendental Meditation Program] ]

Building Peace Palaces

The Global Country of World Peace is in the process of building "Peace Palaces" and other facilities in the United States and other countries to serve as centers for Transcendental Meditation and other related services. [ [ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] ] [ [ Dallas News] ] [ [ Irish Independent] ]


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