Brazilian Society for Health Information

Created in November 1986 in Campinas, during the First Brazilian Congress on Health Informatics, this professional society has the mission of promoting the development and the interchange of ideas and results in the fields devoted to the information technologies applied to the health sciences (Medical informatics, Telemedicine, Bioinformatics, etc.).

The Society (abbreviated in Portuguese as SBIS (Sociedade Brasileira de Informática em Saúde) holds a biannual scientific congress and has a web page and an email discussion list in the Web. Currently it has ca. 280 associates.

The Society is affiliated to the International Medical Informatics Association since 1987.

Current Executive Board (2004-2006) is composed by Dr. Heimar Marin (President). Former presidents were: Roberto J. Rodrigues, Renato M.E. Sabbatini, Mariza K. Stümpf, Beatriz Faria Leão, Daniel Sigulem, Umberto Tachinardi and Lincoln de Assis Moura Jr.

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