Triesh is one of the seven Albanian tribes of Malësi e Madhe. Trieshi, as well as Hoti, derive from a single ancestor named Keq Preka. Author, Nik Gjeti Arapaj, describes the name Triesh to have derived from an Illyrian called "Trish" who had once ruled the land. The tribe consists of over 300 houses within a ten village radius. The ten villages of Trieshi are to include: Rudinë, Nik Marashi, Muzheçku, Budzë, Poprat, Stjepoja, Benkaj, Delaj, Cemi i Trieshit, and part of Fushë Koritës. The people of Trieshi are called "Trieshjan" (referred to for males) and "Trieshjane" (for females). The Trieshjan's follow the Roman Catholic faith, along with the majority of Malësia. The Trieshjan's were never suppressed by the Ottomans and never paid any taxes to the Turks. The people of Trieshi have always managed to defend their lands from the Turkish and Montenegrin suppressors. Alongside the warriors, Trieshi also contributed several great singers like Nikollë Nikprelaj and Malësori. Today, most people of Trieshi have immigrated to the United States in search for a better living, but those who still live back home are inhabiting the town of Tuzi or the capital city of Podgorica, Montenegro.


Half the tribe of Trieshi derive from one ancestor named Bak Keqi. Bak was the youngest of Keqi's sons. Keqi had five sons named Lazar (Hoti), Bak (Trieshi), Kraso (Krasniqi), Vaso (Vasojevići)Fact|date=May 2008, and Piper (Piperi)Fact|date=May 2008. Hoti, Trieshi, and Krasniqi are the only surviving Albanian tribes, whereas Vasojevići and Piperi today are known to be Montenegrin tribes. Centuries ago, Vasojevići and Piperi were suppressed by the Montenegrins into embracing the Orthodox faith and eventually the Slavic tradition. Krasniqi was the only tribe from the five to mostly convert to Islam due to Ottoman suppression. Trieshi and Hoti are the only two tribes of all five to fully conserve their religion as well as their identity of remaining Albanian.Fact|date=May 2008

The other half of Triesh said to have settled in Trieshi about 100 years before the arrival of Bak. They originally migrated from Kopliku, Albania. People under the ancestorship of Bak formed one clan, whereas the rest of the people from Trieshi formed another, together the two clans formed one big tribe called Triesh.

Current Population

* Delaj - 65
* Budzë - 37
* Stepoja - 59
* Muzheçku - 15
* Bënkaj - 7
* Nik Marash - 13
* Rudina - 30
* Poprat - 72
* Total (excluding Koritë and Cem i Trieshit) = 298

"The real population is over this amount because a census of two villages weren't accounted for."

Notable men (in alphabetical order)

* Marash Ujk Cacaj
* Mark Gjeloshi Lekocaj
* Dedë Mali
* Gjeto Kola Nikollaj
* Dodë Smajli
* Frano Marku Gjokaj
* Gjel Caku Ujkaj
* Gjon Gjeka
* Gjon Nika
* Pater Zef Tagaj (prift prej Ljarja)
* Palok Marku Nikprelaj
* Gjon Ujka
* Lucë Gjon Mati
* Mac Caku Ujkaj
* Mal Vata Gjurashaj
* Mal Vuksani
* Malotë Gjeka
* Marash Kola Nikollaj
* Nikë Zeka
* Nikë Marashi
* Tomë Kola Gjokaj
* Tomë Nika Gjokaj
* Zef Nika Palushaj
* Ded Preli

Surnames of Trieshi (in alphabetical order)

* Arapaj
* Cacaj
* Curanaj
* Dedivanaj (Stjepoja)
* Dukaj
* Gashaj
* Gjeloshaj
* Gjekaj
* Gjokaj (Muzheçku)
* Gjonlekaj
* Gjonaj
* Gjuravçaj
* Gjurashaj (Nik Marash)
* Hasanaj
* Lekaj (Curanaj)
* Lekoçaj
* Lucaj (Delaj)
* Lucaj (Stjepoja)
* Margilaj
* Memçaj
* Micakaj (Poprat)
* Nikollaj (Muzheçku)
* Nikprelaj (Benkaj)
* Palushaj
* Prënkoçaj
* Ujkaj
* Vataj

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