caption =
character_name = Bloodwraith
publisher = Marvel Comics
debut = "Black Knight" #2 (July, 1990)
creators =Mark Gruenwald, Dann Thomas, Roy Thomas and Tony DeZuniga
alter_ego = Sean Dolan
full_name =
homeworld =
alliances =
aliases =
powers = Link to mystic Ebony Blade

Bloodwraith is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe.

Fictional character biography

He is the murderous enemy of Black Knight and the Avengers. While Sean Dolan was known as Bloodwraith, Bloodwraith is made up of the souls of those the Ebony Blade has slain. He is an expert swordsman compelled to take lives, especially innocent lives. The blade is indestructible and able to cut through almost any material. The blade was forged from a meterorite and Merlin's magic. The blade can trap dead souls and absorb or deflect all kinds of energies and mystical power. Bloodwraith can sense the ebony blade and control it like a telekinetic. If separated, Bloodwraith can teleport to the Ebody Blade or teleport the blade to himself. Bloodwraith rides a winged horse named Valinor.


* [ Bloodwraith at Handbook of the Marvel Universe]
* Ebony Blade

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