Bean (disambiguation)

Bean (disambiguation)

Bean may refer to:


* Bean, a large seed of several plants in the family Fabaceae
* Pork and beans is a dish which has some similarities with baked beans.
* Common bean, discussing bean varieties
* Baked beans, a popular canned food
* Jelly bean, a bean-shaped sweet
* Coffee bean, the beans used to brew coffee



* Alan Bean, NASA astronaut from the Apollo era
* Andy Bean, American golfer
* Anne Bean, British installation and performance artist
* Bennett Bean, American ceramics artist
* Billy Bean, American baseball player
* Charles Bean, Australian historian
* Charlie Bean, British economist
* Colin Bean, English actor
* Colter Bean, American baseball player
* George Bean, English cricketer
* Joel Bean, American Quaker
* John Bean, British far-right figure
* Joshua Bean, American politician
* Marcus Bean, English footballer
* Maurice Darrow Bean
* Melissa Bean, American politician
* Mollie Bean, soldier for the Confederate Army
* Orson Bean, American actor
* Ron Bean, American politician
* Roy Bean, Wild West figure
* Sean Bean, English actor
* Sawney Bean, notorious clan leader of 16th Century Scotland
* Tarleton Hoffman Bean (1846–1916), American ichthyologist
* Travis Bean, American luthier
* William Bennett Bean, American medical historian and teacher


* Beans Balawi, English actor
* Beans (rapper), rap singer who has released music on Warp Records


* Coleman Hawkins, jazz musician

Fictional characters

* "Mr. Bean", a character played by Rowan Atkinson in the British television programme and film
** "Bean" (1997 film), a feature film based on the above program
**"Mr. Bean's Holiday", a second feature film starring Atkinson as Bean
**"Mr. Bean" (animated TV series)
* Bean (Enderverse), a character in the "Ender's Game" series of books
* Bean the Dynamite from "Sonic the Hedgehog"
* Hannibal Roy Bean, fictional Bean from "Xiaolin Showdown"
* Bean played by Alan Arkin in the 1974 film, "Freebie and The Bean"
* Beans (Looney Tunes), a black and white Looney Tunes character
* Benjamin "Beans" Baxter, a character in the American television series, "The New Adventures of Beans Baxter"
* Bernard "Beans" Aranguren, a character in "Even Stevens"


* Bean, Kent, a village in north Kent, England
* The Bean River in New Hampshire, United States


* Bean Cars, an early British car company
* L. L. Bean, a retail store in the eastern United States, offering outdoor gear and apparel
* A child's shopping cart attachment in the form of a car


* Slang for coffee, as in "I need to get some bean."
* Slang for $500
* Slang for the drug MDMA in pill form
* Beanball, a type of baseball pitch
* Slang for the clitoris, as in "to flick the bean"
* Slang for hitting someone on the head with a thrown object, as in to "bean someone"

Programming and computers

* A Java (programming language) class conforming to the JavaBean API specification
* A Java server-side object conforming to the Enterprise JavaBean specification in the Java EE

Other uses

* Beans (song), an unreleased demo from the American grunge band Nirvana
* Pork and Beans, a song by Weezer
* "The Bean", the common nickname of "Cloud Gate", a sculpture in Chicago's Millennium Park
* "Beans", the name of a Super Smash Bros. Brawl machinima collaboration movie between Smashtasm, Brawlgasm, and Wolf's Retarded Mission.

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