Hampden-Sydney College

Infobox University
name = Hampden-Sydney College

motto = Γνώσεσθε τὴν αλήθειαν
"Gnôsesthe tên Alêtheian"
(Greek: "Ye Shall Know the Truth")
established = 1775
type = Private men's college
endowment = US $142.4 Million
president = Walter M. Bortz III
provost = Robert P. Herdegen
city = Hampden-Sydney
state = VA
country = USA
undergrad = 1,120
faculty = 128
campus = Rural, convert|1200|acre|km2|2
athletics =NCAA Division III, ODAC, 8 varsity teams
nickname = Tigers
colors = Garnet and Gray color box|#404048 color box|#808080
website = [http://www.hsc.edu/ www.hsc.edu]

Hampden-Sydney College is a liberal arts college for men located in Hampden-Sydney, Virginia. Founded in 1775, Hampden-Sydney is the oldest private charter in the South, as well as the 10th oldest institution of higher education and one of only three four-year, all-men's liberal arts colleges in the United States.


Hampden-Sydney enrolls 1,106 students from thirty states and several foreign countries, and emphasizes a rigorous and traditional liberal arts curriculum.

Along with Wabash College and Morehouse College, Hampden-Sydney is one of only three remaining traditional all-male colleges. [ [http://www.usnews.com/usnews/culture/articles/990208/archive_000234.htm Wabash College, One of a Dying Breed - US News and World Report ] ] The school's mission is to "form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning." As such, Hampden-Sydney has one of the strictest Honor Codes of any college or university. Upon entering as a student, each man pledges that he will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do while he is a student at Hampden-Sydney. The pledge takes place during a solemn ceremony after a lecture by the school's President and Dean of Students. This simply-worded code of behavior applies to the students on or off campus. Though it is strict, the justice system is student-run, allowing for a true trial of peers, adjudicated by a court of students that is both thorough and compassionate to both the college and their fellow students.

Every student must prepare for and pass the Rhetoric Proficiency Exam, a three-hour essay that is graded upon coherence of argument, quality of argument, style in which the argument is presented, and grammatical correctness. To prepare, the college requires each student to pass two Rhetoric classes that are usually taken the first two semesters a student is at Hampden-Sydney. After graduating, many alumni have stated that the Rhetoric Program was the most valuable aspect in the Hampden-Sydney education.

Hampden-Sydney is the parent institution of Union Theological Seminary (Presbyterian) and The Medical College of Virginia (now located at Virginia Commonwealth University).


Classes at Hampden-Sydney began in temporary wooden structures on November 10, 1775, on the eve of American Independence. The College has been in continuous operation since that date, meaning that college has operated under the British, Confederate, and United States flags. In fact, classes have only been canceled twice: for a Civil War skirmish on campus, and a hurricane that knocked a tree into a dormitory building.

Despite the difficult and financially-strapped first years resulting from the Revolutionary War, the College survived with sufficient viability to be granted a charter by the Virginia General Assembly in 1783 – the oldest private charter in the South.

Hampden-Sydney College derives its name from John Hampden (1594-1643) and Algernon Sidney (1622-1683). Hampden lost his life in the battle of Chalgrove Field during the English Civil War. Sidney, who wrote "Discourses Concerning Government," was beheaded by order of Charles II following a failed attempt to overthrow the king. The college was founded by alumni and people affiliated with Princeton University. These proponents of religious and civil liberties were much admired by the founders of the College, all of whom were active supporters of the cause of American independence. Both Patrick Henry and James Madison were elected trustees in the founding period before classes began.

The College's founder and first president, Rev. Samuel Stanhope Smith, was subsequently the president of the College of New Jersey, which is currently Princeton University. Smith hired many faculty members from the College of New Jersey.

Hampden-Sydney became a thriving college while located in southside Virginia, which led to an expansion of the college. In 1812, the Union Theological Seminary was founded at Hampden-Sydney College. The Seminary was later moved to Richmond, VA and is currently the Union Theological Seminary & Presbyterian School of Christian Education. In 1838, the medical department of Hampden-Sydney College founded the Medical College of Virginia which is now the MCV Campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. During this time, the College constructed new buildings using Federal style architecture with Georgian touches. This is the style of architecture still used on the campus.

At the onset of the American Civil War, Hampden-Sydney students formed a company in the Virginia Militia. The Hampden-Sydney students did not see much action but rather were “captured, and...paroled by General George B. McClellan on the condition that they return to their studies." [http://www2.hsc.edu/hschistory/]


The College has expanded from its original small cluster of buildings on 100 acres (0.4 km²) to a campus of over 1000 acres (4 km²). Prior to February 2006, the College owned 660 acres (2.7 km²). In February 2006, the College purchased 400 acres (1.6 km²) which include a lake and Slate Hill Plantation, the historic location of the College’s founding. The campus is host to numerous Federal style buildings. Part of the campus has been designated as a National Historic Preservation Zone.

The campus is currently undergoing major construction and renovation, beginning in 2004 with the opening of a new fitness center in Kirby Fieldhouse. During the summer of 2005, a new parking lot was constructed behind the Alphabet dorms. The original parking lot for the Alphabet dorms (directly across College Rd.) was torn out and filled in with dirt and grass. In 2006 the new Hellmuth-Pritzlaff Lacrosse Field was completed.

Lewis C. Everett of Kilmarnock, Virginia, has given Hampden-Sydney College $2.5 million to construct the Lewis C. Everett Stadium. Construction on the 1850-seat facility began in November 2006 and was completed in August 2007. The Everett Stadium replaces the 40-year-old Hundley Stadium adjacent to Fulton Field. The new stadium opened on September 1st, 2007 for the opening football game against Johns Hopkins University.

Most significant of all the construction projects was the new library. Opened in the Summer of 2007, the convert|85000|sqft|m2|sing=on building houses over 245,000 volumes and subscriptions to over 800 journals and periodicals. Fanfare for the new building has spurred many donations, including a collection of seventeenth and eighteenth century maps (including two Frye-Jefferson Maps), and a collection of twentieth century art that includes a Joan Miro and Salvador Dali.

Currently under construction is a major addition of Gammon Gymnasium, which sits adjacent to Fulton Field. Future plans include renovations to Eggleston Hall (the former library) and Winston Hall.

Every building on campus that predates 1960 has been changed from the design of the original architect and from the purpose of the original benefactors.

tudent life


As one of only a few higher educational institutions for men, and being older than the country it’s located in, Hampden-Sydney College has a unique culture. Stereotypically, students are southern, well-dressed, articulate, and conservative. Many take part in long-standing campus traditions—wearing jacket and tie to football games, greeting everyone they meet on campus, and active campus involvement, to name a few. Students are also issued a copy of “To Manner Born To Manners Bred: A Hip-pocket Guide to Etiquette for the Hampden-Sydney Man,” which covers everything from basic manners, how to greet and introduce people, how to respond to invitations, how to dress, the difference between a black tie and white tie event, how to choose a wine, etc. The College publishes it as a useful tool for existing successfully in a variety of social settings; as a result, Lisa Birnbach describes the College as “THE finishing school for Southern Gentlemen,” in her book Official Preppy Handbook.


According to the Hampden-Sydney College website, the student body for 2004-05 is 94.1 percent White, 2.7 percent Black, 1.0 percent Hispanic, and 1.7 percent Asian. The majority (63%) of the student body is from Virginia. The rest come from 35 other states and 10 different countries.

Clubs and organizations

According to the Hampden-Sydney College website, there are over 40 clubs on campus. Each club is run by the students themselves and the clubs come in a large variety. For example, there are political clubs, sports clubs, religious clubs, an FM radio station, a pep band, and multiple social fraternities. There are also volunteer groups such as the local volunteer fire department.

Union-Philanthropic Literary Society (UPLS) is the oldest student organization at Hampden-Sydney College. Established on September 22, 1789, it's the nation's second-oldest literary and debating society still in existence today.


Hampden-Sydney College participates in 8 NCAA-sanctioned sports: Football, Soccer, Cross-Country, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, and Lacrosse. The school is part of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference. Basketball, baseball, and lacrosse teams are regular NCAA Division III national tournament contenders.

On 10 November 2007, Hampden-Sydney played against Randolph-Macon College in the 113th iteration of "The Game" (The oldest small-college rivalry in the South). This game held special implications, as Randolph-Macon entered first in the ODAC with a conference record of 5-0, and Hampden-Sydney entered the game second in the ODAC with a conference record of 4-1. The winner of the game determined the winner of the Conference. The game began with a huge kickoff return by Hampden-Sydney, which led to a touchdown on the offensive drive. Following that, the kickoff team successfully executed an onside kick, and the offense scored a second touchdown, taking a 14-0 lead before Randolph Macon even touched the ball. The final score was 31-13, making Hampden-Sydney the 2007 ODAC Football Champions.As a side note, the H-SC/R-MC rivalry was featured in Shorty, a documentary about Walter “Shorty” Simms, a 61 year-old man with Down syndrome, and icon of the College football team.

In late February and early March 2007, the Hampden-Sydney basketball team went on an impressive run that resulted in the school's tenth ODAC championship in Men's Basketball, and its fourth this decade. The Tigers won its first-round NCAA Tournament game against Hood College, but lost in the second round to fellow ODAC foe (and 2007 National Champion) Virginia Wesleyan College.

Greek life

For freshmen, rush begins in the first semester and pledging takes place in the spring. If a freshman chooses not to rush and/or pledge, sophomores and juniors may pledge in the fall or spring. Roughly 33% of the student body is involved in Greek life.

*Kappa Sigma, KΣ
*Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ΣΑΕ
*Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Gam
*Kappa Alpha Order KA
*Sigma Nu, ΣN
*Beta Theta Pi, ΒΘΠ
*Theta Chi, ΘX
*Pi Kappa Alpha, ΠKA
*Sigma Chi, ΣX
*Lambda Chi Alpha, ΛΧΑ
*Alpha Chi Sigma**, AXΣ
*Chi Phi, XΦ

* **Note: A professional fraternity for chemistry majors; however Hampden-Sydney's chapter is unique in that biology and physics majors may also pledge.

In addition to the social and professional fraternities listed above, Hampden-Sydney also has chapters of Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Kappa.


Freshmen are required to live in one of three dorms that are set aside for freshmen. These dorms are Cushing Hall, the Carpenter Dormitories (X, Y and Z), and the Whitehouse Quadrangle. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors have the option of living in any of the other dorms that they choose. Although an overwhelming majority of students live on campus or in campus owned housing, the school does permit a small portion of students (usually upperclassmen) to live off-campus.

Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell tragedy

On October 14, 1967, while in concert at the homecoming for Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia, outside the college town of Farmville. The singer Tammi Terrell collapsed in Gaye's arms. She was rushed to Southside Community Hospital, where she was later diagnosed with a malignant brain tumorFact|date=September 2008. Contrary to popular belief, the concert was not at Hampton University. The concert was sponsored by the Men's choral, Pep club and Union philanthropist club. The Chairperson of the event recounted the events on WFLO FM radio in Farmville in April 2007 for the anniversary of Marvin's passing.

Presidents of Hampden-Sydney College

*Samuel Stanhope Smith, 1775–1779
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/john_smith.html John Blair Smith] , 1779–1789
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/archibald_alexander.html Archibald Alexander] , 1797–1806
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/moses_hoge.html Moses Hoge] , 1807–1820
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/jonathan_cushing.html Jonathan Peter Cushing] , 1821–1835
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/daniel_carroll.html Daniel Lynn Carroll] , 1835–1838
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/william_maxwell.html William Maxwell] , 1838–1845
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/patrick_sparrow.html Patrick J. Sparrow] , 1845–1847
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/lewis_green.html Lewis Warner Green] , 1849–1856
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/john_atkinson.html John Mayo Pleasants Atkinson] , 1857–1883
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/richard_mcilwaine.html Richard McIlwaine] , 1883–1904
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/james_mcallister.html James Gray McAllister] , 1905–1908
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/henry_graham.html Henry Tucker Graham] , 1909–1917
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/joseph_eggleston.html Joseph DuPuy Eggleston] , 1919–1939
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/edgar_gammon.html Edward Graham Gammon] , 1939–1955
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/joseph_robert.html Joseph Clarke Robert] , 1955–1960
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/thomas_gilmer.html Thomas Edward Gilmer] , 1960–1963
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/walter_reveley.html Walter Taylor Reveley II] , 1963–1977
*Josiah Bunting III, 1977–1987
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/james_leutze.html James Richard Leutze] , 1987–1990
* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/ralph_rossum.html Ralph Arthur Rossum] , 1991–1992
*Samuel V. Wilson, 1992–2000
*Walter M. Bortz III, 2000—Present

Notable alumni

Arts and entertainment

*William H. Armstrong: teacher, author of the Newbery Medal winning "Sounder"; Class of 1936.
* [http://www2.hsc.edu/alumni/profiles/colbert86.php Stephen Colbert] : comedian, host of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. (Studied philosophy for two years before transferring to Northwestern University, and graduating in 1986.)
*William Hoffman: author, "Tidewater Blood", winner of the O. Henry Prize and the Dashiell Hammett Award, Class of 1949.
*Thomas Mason: U.S. attorney and actor, Mississippi Burning and Gods and Generals along with parts in numerous [http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0556985/ TV shows] , Class of 1940.
*John Phillips: musician, member of The Mamas and the Papas, attended but did not graduate, Class of ~1956.
*Robert Porterfield: Founder of the Barter Theatre, attended but did not graduate but did get honorary degree of Doctor of Letters for his work in the theatre in 1948.
*Fred Reed: [http://www.fredoneverything.net/FOE_Frame_Bio.htm Author] , "Nekkid in Austin", former staff reporter for The Washington Times and Soldier of Fortune, Class of 1968.
*William Smithers: actor, numerous roles in [http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0810461/ TV shows and several movies] including Dallas, Papillon, Scorpio, Star Trek, etc, [http://mysite.verizon.net/res7gpw5/id9.html attended 1946-1948] before transferring to Catholic University to study acting, Class of 1950.
*Skipp Sudduth: actor, Third Watch, Ronin and numerous [http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0837175/ TV shows] , Class of 1979.


* [http://www.martinagency.com/ John B Adams, Jr.] : CEO of the Martin Agency, Class of 1971.
* [http://www.sothebys.com/ Christopher T. Apostle] : SVP of Sothebys, Class of 1985.
* [http://www.gannonintl.com/International.htm W. Charles Blocker Jr] : Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Finance for Gannon International and former Chairman and CEO of Asian Trade Alliance, Inc., Class of 1984.
* [http://www.gannonintl.com/pacific.htm Walter Blocker] : Board of Governors, American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and Managing Director of GANNON Vietnam Limited, Class of 1990.
* [http://www.laidlawltd.com/ Rob J. Bonaventura] : President of Laidlaw & Company, Class of 1983.
* [http://www.carpenter.com/ E. Rhodes Carpenter] : founder of the Carpenter Company, Class of 1929.
* [http://www.grandhomefurnishings.com George B. Cartledge Jr.] : Chairman Grand Home Furnishings, Class of 1963.
* [http://www.emigra.com/emigra/index.php?page=get_article_nd&id=0OZTLSI-RYFE1Q3-0LDWOHH-SCD7ASB&tid=profile Brad Cary] : co-founder and CEO of Emigra Group, Class of 1985.
* [http://www.aurorarussia.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=30&Itemid=49&activate_parent=31#jcook James Cook] : founder of Aurora Russia Limited, former Chairman of Delta Financial Group, former Chairman and CEO of GE Consumer Finance Russia, Class of 1986.
* [http://greenfront.com/ourstory.html Richard F. Cralle Jr.] : Owner Green Front Furniture, Class of 1965.
* [http://www.deliveryagent.com/about.php?page=management Michael R. Fitzsimmons] : founder & CEO Delivery Agent, Class of 1995.
* [http://www.port-of-charleston.com/about_the_port/leadership/execmgmt.asp#bsg Bernard S. Groseclose Jr.] : CEO of the South Carolina State Ports Authority, Class of 1975.
* [http://www.harriswilliams.com/professionals/harris.php H. Hiter Harris III] : co-founder and Managing Director of Harris Williams & Co, Class of 1983.
* [http://www.headcompanies.com/DHeadjr.php David H. Head, Jr.] : real estate, President of Head Companies, Class of 1993.
* [http://www.jpmorgan.com/cm/ContentServer?c=TS_Content&pagename=jpmorgan%2Fwss%2FTS_Content%2FGeneral&cid=1159324570375 Sekou H. Kaalund] : Senior Vice President and Head of Business Development for JPMorgan Private Equity Fund Services, Class of 1997.
* [http://www.carey.com/eCarey/E1_4_ManagementTeam.html Gary L. Kessler] : CEO of Carey International, Class of 1986.
* [http://www.fbr.com/company/team/bio.asp?id=343 Monte Lehmkuler] : Senior Managing Director and Head of Equity Trading at FBR Capital Markets, Class of 1988.
* [http://www.virginia.edu/uvimco/board_Macfarlane.htm John G. Macfarlane III] : COO of Tudor Investment Corp and former Treasurer and Managing Director at Salomon Brothers, Class of 1976.
* [http://www.ceridian.com/corp/nav/1,2869,10956,00.html L. White Matthews III] : former CFO Ecolab, Inc, former EVP of Finance of Union Pacific Corporation, Class of 1967.
* [http://www.ethanexenergy.com/ethanex.swf David J. McKittrick] : former CFO of Gateway 2000, CFO of Ethanex Energy, Inc, Class of 1967.
* [http://www.cpdcbr.com/explore.cfm/meetourstaff/100005 C. Cammack Morton] : Real estate developer, CEO of Commercial Properties Development Corporation, Class of 1973.
* [http://www.elcapitanpmi.com/chuck.htm Charles C. Mottley] : CEO of El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc, Class of 1956.
* [http://www.newyorkfed.org/aboutthefed/orgchart/buffalo/oneil_white.html Alphonso O'Neil-White] : first African-American student, CEO of Health-Now (BlueCross/BlueShield of New York State), Class of 1972.
* [http://www.wolseley.com/AboutWolseley/ManagementTeam/executivecommittee/default.asp Frank W. Roach] : CEO of North America for Wolseley plc, Class of 1973.
* [http://www.cfsauer.com/ Conrad F. Sauer IV] : CEO of The C.F. Sauer Company, Class of 1972.
* [http://www.toter.com/index.html John G. Scott] : CEO of Toter Inc, Class of 1993.
* [http://www.thompsonhospitality.com/wthompson.htm Warren M. Thompson] : business, CEO of Thompson Hospitality Corporation, Class of 1981.
* [http://www.sprint.com/ I. Benjamin Watson] : former SVP of Communications and Human Resource at Sprint Corporation, Class of 1971.


* [http://www.hsc.edu/pres/presidents/john_atkinson.html John Mayo Pleasants Atkinson] : President of Hampden-Sydney College from 1857-1883, Class of 1835.
*Willis Henry Bocock: First dean of The University of Georgia Graduate School, 1910-1928, prominent professor of Classics; Class of 1884.
* [http://www2.hsc.edu/academics/classics/faculty/brinkley.html John L. Brinkley] : Rhodes Scholar, Professor Hampden-Sydney College, Class of 1959.
* [http://web.utk.edu/~mklein/dabney.html Charles William Dabney] : president of University of Cincinnati, president of University of Tennessee; Class of 1873.
* [http://www.president.vt.edu/lt_eggleston.php Joseph Dupuy Eggleston] : president of Virginia Tech, president of Hampden-Sydney College; Class of 1886.
*Landon C. Garland: president of Randolph-Macon College, president of the University of Alabama, and founding Chancellor of Vanderbilt University; Class of 1829.
* [http://library.davidson.edu/archives/ency/kirkpatrickjl.asp John L. Kirkpatrick] : President of Davidson College, Class of ~1834.
* [http://library.davidson.edu/archives/ency/lacyd.asp Drury Lacy] : President of Davidson College, Founder of Peace College; Class of ~1823.
* [http://library.davidson.edu/archives/ency/shearerjb.asp John Bunyan Shearer] : President of Davidson College, Class of ~1855.
*Paul S. Trible Jr.: current president of Christopher Newport University, former U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative from Virginia, Class of 1968.
*Moses Waddel: fifth President of the University of Georgia, 1819-1829. One of the most prominent American educators of his time (many southern leaders studied under Waddel, including John C. Calhoun), class of 1791.


*George M. Bibb: Chief Justice of Kentucky, US Senator from Kentucky, US Secretary of the Treasury, Class of 1791.
*Thomas S. Bocock: the Speaker of the Confederate House, Class of 1838.
* [http://www.lib.virginia.edu/small/collections/cabell/biographies/jcc.html Joseph C. Cabell] : member of the Virginia General Assembly, Mr. Jefferson's "co-adjutor" in founding The University of Virginia, Class of 1800.
*William H. Cabell: Governor of Virginia; Class of 1789.
* [http://www.rbh.com/attorney_profile.asp?id=90067 Stokely G. Caldwell, Jr.] : law, attorney for NASCAR drivers and sponsors, Class of 1978.
*John Wayles Eppes: United States Representative and Senator; Class of 1786.
*Thomas S. Flournoy: United States Representative and Confederate cavalry colonel in the Civil War
*William Branch Giles: member, both houses of Congress, Governor of Virginia; Class of 1791.
*Jim Harrell, North Carolina legislator.
*Ondray T. Harris: law, Director of the Community Relations Service at the Department of Justice, Class of 1989.
*William Henry Harrison: 9th president of the United States, Class of 1791.
*Eugene Hickok: U.S. Under Secretary of Education, Acting Deputy Secretary of Education, former Secretary of Education for Pennsylvania, founding member and former chairman of the Education Leaders Council; Class of 1972.
* [http://www.nypost.com/news/columnists/hurt.htm Charles Hurt] : D.C. bureau chief for the New York Post and former Capitol Hill Bureau Chief for the Washington Times, Class of 1995.
* [http://www.tomjacksonlaw.com/Bio/ThomasJackson.asp Thomas M. Jackson, Jr.] : president of the Virginia Board of Education, former member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Class of 1979.
*James M. Jordan Jr.: former campaign manager for presidential candidate John Kerry; Class of 1983.
*Thomas W. Ligon: Maryland delegate, U.S. Representative, Governor of Maryland; Class of 1830.
* [http://www.kaufmanandcanoles.com/AttorneyDetail.asp?AtCode=144&sEmail=cvmcphillips@kaufcan.com Charles V. McPhillips] : Partner and Attorney with the Law Firm of Kaufman and Canoles, National Alumni Association President, Class of 1982.
* [http://dela.state.va.us/dela/MemBios.nsf/a7b082ef6ed01eac85256c0d00515644/96eb0873e4b170cc852570d2005e9eb9?OpenDocument Harvey B. Morgan] : retired pharmacist and member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Class of 1952.
* [http://www.xprize.org/about/board.html#rod Rod O'Connor] : CEO of the 2004 Democratic National Convention and trustee of X Prize Foundation, Class of 1992.
*William Ballard Preston: U.S. Secretary of Navy, 1849-1850, U.S. House of Representatives, 1847-1849, Author of the "Preston Resolution" - the bill of Virginia's secession. Class 1824.
*Sterling Price: AKA "Old Pap," Governor of Missouri, Major General in Confederate Army, Leader of Confederate Colony in Vera Cruz, Mexico. Class of 1830.
*Roger Atkinson Pryor: U.S. Representative from Virginia, Brigadier General CSA, Justice of the New York Supreme Court; Class of 1845.
*Paul Reiber: Chief Justice of the Vermont State Supreme Court, Class of 1970.
*Alexander Rives: Judge of the Virginia Supreme Court, Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia, Class of 1825.
*William Cabell Rives: U.S. Representative from Virginia, U.S. Senator, Minister to France, and a Confederate Representative; attended but did not graduate.
* [http://www.fulbright.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=attorneys.detail&site_id=223&emp_id=13784 William Prescott Mills Schwind] : attorney, Partner at Fulbright & Jaworski, Class of 1993.
* [http://www.stblaw.com/bios/WSettle.htm W. Sydnor Settle] : law, retired partner at Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett, Class of 1955.
* [http://www.williamsmullen.com/attorneys/attorney_detail/smithj.htm Julious P. Smith Jr.] : law, CEO of Williams Mullen, Class of 1965.
*William B. Spong, Jr. U.S. Senator from Virginia, Class of 1941.
*Robert Strange: U.S. Senator from North Carolina, author of "Eoneguski" (called "the first North Carolina novel"), Class of 1814.
*John Leighton Stuart: U.S. Ambassador to China, 1946-1949; President, Yenching University, Beijing, 1919-1946; Class of 1896.
*Paul S. Trible Jr.: former U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative from Virginia, current president of Christopher Newport University, Class of 1968.
*Lee Trinkle: Governor of Virginia 1922-26, Class of 1896.
*Abraham B. Venable: United States representative and senator from Virginia, first president of the First National Bank of Virginia
*James R. Young, North Carolina Insurance Commissioner.
* [http://www.nrtw.org/b/legal_staff.htm W. James Young] : attorney, Staff Attorney, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc., Class of 1986.


* [http://www.jeffersonhotel.com/lemaire_chefs.html Walter E. Bundy IV] : Executive Chef of 5-star restaurant Lemaire, Class of 1990.
*Matt Eversmann: soldier, experience in Mogadishu was basis for character in Black Hawk Down; Class of 1988.
*Devin Galligan: Cancer Survivor and philanthrophist, Founder of "Strain the Brain" to help cancer patients in Nashville, TN Class of 1994 (completed degree at Fordham University).
*John S. Preston: Confederate general in the American Civil War and South Carolina state senator


*Robert Lewis Dabney: American Theologian, Chief of Staff for Stonewall Jackson, biographer of Jackson, and Confederate Army Chaplain. Attended from circa 1835-1836, graduated from the University of Virginia.
* [http://www.dioswva.org/about-us A. Heath Light] : fourth Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Southwest Virginia, Class of 1951.
* [http://www.episcopalchurch.org/pastoral.htm Frank Clayton "Clay" Matthews] : Bishop for the Office of Pastoral Development for the Episcopal Church, formerly Suffragan Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Class of 1970.
*Francis A. Schaeffer: Theologian, Philosopher, Presbyterian pastor; Most famous for writings and establishing the L'Abri community in Switzerland, author of "A Christian Manifesto"; Class of 1935.

cience and medicine

* [http://www.ecu.edu/cs-dhs/surgery/chitwoodW.cfm W. Randolph Chitwood Jr., MD] : medicine, pioneered robotic cardiac surgery in the US for minimally invasive heart surgery, Class of 1968.
*John Peter Mettauer: medicine, first plastic surgeon in US, Class of 1807.
* [http://www.nndb.com/people/843/000159366/ Thomas D. Mütter, MD] : surgeon, benefactor of Philadelphia tourist attraction Mütter Museum , and subject of a screenplay entitled [http://www.aptowicz.com/mutter/short.htm Mütter] , Class of 1830.
* [http://www.mhchistoricalsociety.org/shackelford.swf John Armstrong Shackelford, MD] : Johns Hopkins University; surgeon, Shackelford Hospital; chief surgeon, Martinsville General Hospital, Martinsville, Virginia, Class of 1914


*Tim Burke : Box Office/Call Center Manager for the Tampa Bay Rays, Class of 2003.
* [http://www.flyfishingteamusa.com/team_members_past_present/jim_hickey.htm James C. Hickey III] : Member, Fly Fishing Team USA, Class of 1993.
*Bob Humphreys: Pro baseball player, Class of 1958.
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Miller_%28football_player%29 Tom Miller] : NFL player, assistant GM of Green Bay Packers and member of Packers' Hall of Fame, Class of 1943.
* [http://www.vikings.com/TeamCoachProfile_Ryan_Silverfield.aspx Ryan Silverfield] : assistant coach of the Minnesota Vikings, Class of 2003
*Russell D. Turner: assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors, Class of 1992.

Hampden-Sydney College competes in men's intercollegiate baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, and tennis.

The "Princeton Review"

The "Princeton Review" ranks Hampden-Sydney in their list of "Best 361 Colleges" in the following categories." [ [http://www.princetonreview.com/college/research/profiles/rankings.asp?listing=1022907&LTID=1 "Hampden-Sydney College's Best 361 College Rankings"] . "The Princeton Review". Retrieved September 2, 2007.] :

Hampden-Sydney was also rated as the preppiest school in America according to Lisa Birnbach of The Official Preppy Handbook. She also described HSC as "THE finishing school for Southern gentlemen".


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* [http://www.hsc.edu Hampden-Sydney College (VA)]
* [http://www.princetonreview.com/college/research/profiles/generalinfo.asp?listing=1022907&LTID=1 The Princeton Review's The Best 357 Colleges]
* [http://www.usnews.com/usnews/edu/college/directory/brief/drglance_3713_brief.php US News and World Report's Americas Best Colleges]

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