Anmatjere Community Government Council

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The Anmatjere Community Government Council centres around the town of Ti Tree located approximately 200km north of Alice Springs. The Sturt highway runs through the centre of Ti Tree although if you wish to turn off the highway, you will need to obtain permission from the traditional owners (Further information available from the website.)


* Anmatjere Knowledge Centre and Library
* Redsand Art Gallery - which includes an Aboriginal Art centre and a cafe
* Ti Tree Roadhouse - which includes a bar, motel, camping and backpacker accommodation
* Ti Tree School
* Police Station
* Sports oval
* Health Clinic
* Aged Care Centre

Areas of Governance

* Alyuen (on Aileron Station)
* Anyungunba (on Pine Hill Station)
* Engawala (on Alcoota Station)
* Laramba (on Napperby Station)
* Nturiya (the western part of Ti-Tree Station)
* Pmara Jutunta (the central part of Ti-Tree Station)
* Ti-Tree (the Town of Ti-Tree)
* Wilora (on Stirling Station)
* Woolla (Adelaide Bore and the eastern part of Ti-Tree Station)
* Yanginj (on Anningie Station)


The Council should meet once a month, at a time which they agreed upon in the last meeting.


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* [ LGWORKS: Anmatjere Community Government Council ]

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