EP (disambiguation)

EP most commonly refers to the Extended play audio format.

EP may also refer to:
* El Paso, a large city in Texas, United States
* Eden Prairie, a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
* En passant ("e.p."), a chess maneuver
* An electric locomotive (Polish train designation: "EP")
* EP additive, a lubricant additive (mainly used in automotive gear oils)

In government and politics:
* The European Parliament, the EU's elected legislative chamber
* English Partnerships, the English urban regeneration agency
* Estradas de Portugal, the Portuguese roads agency

In arts and entertainment:
* Entity Paradigm (eP), a Pakistani rock band
* An electric piano, 1970s musical instrument
* An expansion pack, in video gaming
* Elvis Presley, a US rock and roll singer
* "EP" (The 77s EP), a 1999 rock album
* "EP" (The Fiery Furnaces album), a 2003 indie rock album
* "EP" (Guns N' Roses EP), a 1987 hard rock album
* "EP" (Luna EP), a 1996 indie pop/rock album
* "EP" (Mogwai EP), a 1999 Scottish post-rock album

Companies and organisations:
* El Paso Corp. (NYSE stock symbol: "EP"), a US natural gas producer
* Editorial Photographers, a membership organisation for photojournalists
* Emerson Preparatory School, a small private high school in Washington, D.C.
* Iran Aseman Airlines (IATA code: "EP")

In science:
* Engineering physics
* Evolutionary psychology
* EPDM rubber, a synthetic ethylene-propylene-based rubber
* In genetics, an enhancer-promoter element

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