Malkot is a village of Abbottabad District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Until the local government reforms of 2000 it was a Union Councils of the district.[1] There is also a very beautiful picnic spot at Knair (a stream) as well as waterfalls and lush green meadows due to all the sewerage that gathers in knair from the surrounding hills.



Malkot is a remote village of Hazara in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Historically this area mostly populated by Muslims; it is claimed that these people migrated from Arabia for the sake of religious preachings. The Abbasi tribe is the major tribe here. Malkot is a beautiful village because it has naturally occurs stream named "knair"and many more things that make the malkot a heaven as compared to dewal which is not a very good place for picnic. In others wards you can say malkot is the land of politician (sardar Mahtab Abbasi former chief Minister N.W.F.P and Abdul Rehman Abbasi etc)hardworkers and nobel people.


Although Malkot is a remote village it is notable for having produced many politicians and also many other professionals like judges, doctors, engineers, and successful businessmen. Sardar Mehtab Khan remains Chief Minister of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa for more than three years during the government of PML(N).

In comparison to neighbouring villages such as Riala, Palak, Kalaban, Khushikot, Arwar and Longal, Malkot is well developed. Mehtab Ahmed Khan became the 22nd chief minister of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on the 21 February 1997, taking over from Raja Sikander Zaman, and served until 12 October 1992. During his tenure he calimed that he invested heavily in area of Circle Bakote, a relatively poor and underdeveloped area. During this time, he electrified many areas, provided facilities such as telephone lines, water supply schemes, link roads, like the Kohala - Moolia road, Sowargali - Boi road, Birote - Berote Khurd, and the Osia - Malkot road. He constructed the Murree - Abbottabad road as a motorway and upgraded high schools in Ayubia, Birote and Bakote.

People of the constituancy still do not agree with the developmental work carried out by CM, being a CM he could have done a lot more then what was actually done and what was claimed. Dividing Abbottabad district to sub Tahseels was one of the major demand community at large was dreaming for but was overturned.

People of this village are spread all over the world and doing very well in all walks of life.

Van service are available for Rawalpindi and Islamabad, travelling to Islamabad by road from Malkot takes two hours.

The Lower Malkot area has a Ptcl exchange there additionally, all Pakistani mobile phone companies service are available at Malkot.


Malkot is located in the south-eastern part of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and forms part of the border with Punjab province, (it borders the Murree Tehsil of Rawalpindi District). Neighbouring union councils are Nathia Gali to the west.


The main tribe of this area is the Dhond Abbasi.


Malkot is a mountainous area, with lots of Pine, plum, orange, and apple trees. Like Abbottabad District as whole it has ideal climate conditions. Compared to the rest of the country - the summers are mild and pleasant - and also snow falls in winter.


The most popular school of the area is KOHSAR PUBLIC SCHOOL and ROSE PUBLIC SCHOOL which is now also KOHSAR PUBLIC SCHOOL.There are few private schools but no college for higher education, for higher education students of Malkot travel a lot, some time they have to stay in hostel or at relatives who live near the college.

but in religious sector malkot is most advance in islamic studies lot of islamic madrisas in lower and upper village and beautiful mosque one of them newly reconstructed in uper malkot .

                  In village malkot SARDAR MUHAMMAD ALI KHAN got educated his son MUHAMMAD NABI KHAN and MUHAMMAD NABI KHAN joined education department as primary school teacher. His son MUHAMMAD AURANGZEB ABBASI was M.A BEd  and was principal of GOVERNMENT HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL and expired during service. His other son MUHAMMAD ZAHOOR ABBASI is M.A  MEd and is retired principal  GOVERMENT HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL . His other son is MUHAMMAD ZULFIQAR ABBASI who is B.A LLB and is advocate HIGH COURT . His younger son is  HABIB UREHMAN ABBASI WHO IS BSC LLB and is advocate SUPREME COURT . MUHAMMAD AURANGZEB ABBSI also got educated  his sons and daughter. His elder son is MUHAMMAD TARIQ ABBASI who is B.A LLB and is 1st SESSION JUDGE of his circle. The younger son of MUHAMMAD AURANG ZEB ABBASI is MUHAMMAD TAHIR ABBASI who is M.A and is TEACHER in GOVERNMENT SCHOOL. The daughter of MUHAMMAD AURANGZEB ABBSI is AZIZ UN NISA ABBASI is MBBS GOLD MEDALIST and is PROFESSOR of AYUB MEDICAL COLLEGE. MIHAMMAD TARIQ ABBASI have only son  ABDULLAH SHAHZAIB ABBSI. MUHAMMAD TARIQ ABBASI also have four daughters namely  SADIA TARIQ ABBASI , SANA TARIQ ABBASI , MAHNOOR TARIQ ABBASI and ANEEQA TARIQ ABBASI . The elder daughter is highly educated and rest are studying in different classes. Thec son of MUHAMMAD ZAHOOR ABBASI the son of MIHAMMAD NABI KHAN  have three daughters and four sons his younger son AZHAR ZAHOOR ABBASI IS Phd DOCTER  and is serving as teacher in TORONTO UNIVERSITY CANADA all his family is educated. MUHAMMAD ZLFIQQAR ABBASI the other son of MUHAMMAD NABI KHAN have only son who is DOCTER and five daughters  one of whom is also a docter all member of his family are educated. HABIB UREHMAN ABBASI the younger son of MUHAMMAD NABI KHAN have all the above said children who all are educated and loving to him.MUHAMMADF NABI KHAN have two daughters FAZILAT JAN and NUSRAT BIBI who are also educated and children of both of them are educated some are DOCTORS some are Phd DOCTERS and some are advocates and one is engineer.MUHAMMD TAHIR ABBASI and DOCTOR AZIA UN NISA ABBASI have also children who all are educated. The said educated family is the family of a PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER.


Many people from this area have settled in Islamabad, others work in the cities whilst their families still live in the villages of Malkot. There are a range of different occupations - like hotel management, running General Stores and so on, while others go abroad to earn their livelihood .


         SARDAR MEHTAB KHAN former chief minister


Coordinates: 33°57′0″N 73°21′7″E / 33.95°N 73.35194°E / 33.95; 73.35194

Among some of the most successful scientists of Malkot is Dr. Zakir Hussain who is a graduate of Gordon College (Rawalpindi). Dr. Zakir Hussain completed his Master of Science and Master of Philosophy (Chemistry) from the prestigious Quaid-i-Azam University (Islamabad) and his PhD in Chemistry from one of the best Universities in Germany. He is working as a project manager for a chemical company in Germany.

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