Mark Blaug

Mark Blaug (b: 3 April 1927, the Hague, Netherlands; d: 18th November, 2011, [Dartmoor], United Kingdom), is a British economist (naturalised in 1982), who has covered a broad range of topics over his long career. In 1955 he received his PhD from Columbia University in New York. Besides shorter periods in public service and in international organisations he has held academic appointments in – among others – Yale University, the University of London, the London School of Economics and the University of Buckingham. He was visiting Professor in the Netherlands, University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University in Rotterdam, where he was also co-director of CHIMES (Center for History in Management and Economics).

Mark Blaug has made far reaching contributions to a range of topics in economic thought throughout his career. Apart from valuable contributions to the economics of art and the economics of education, he is best known for his work in history of economic thought and the methodology of economics. Concerning methodological issues and the application of economic theory to a wide range of subjects from education to human capital, the "philosophy of science and the sweep of intellectual progress are fitting subjects to accommodate the breadth of Mark Blaug's interest."[1]


Major publications

  • Ricardian Economics. A Historical Study, 1958.
  • Economic Theory in Retrospect, first edition 1962, 5th revised edition 1997.
  • The Methodology of Economics, or How economists Explain, 1980 (revised edition, 2006).
  • Economic History and the History of Economics, 1986.
  • Great Economists Before Keynes: A Introduction to the Lives and Works of 100 Economists of the Past, 1986.
  • Economic Theories. True or False?, 1990.
  • Appraising Economic Theories: Studies in the Methodology of Research Programs (ed. with Neil de Marchi), 1991.
  • Not Only an Economist. Recent Essays, 1997.


  • In 1984 he was made a Foreign Honorary Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science (KNAW).
  • In 1988 he was made a Distinguished Fellow of the History of Economics Society.
  • In 1989 he became an Elected Fellow of the British Academy.



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