Ferny Creek Trail

Ferny Creek Trail


DESCRIPTION=Ferny Creek Trail in Ferntree Gully
NAME=Ferny Creek Trail
TRAIN=Upper Ferntree Gully railway station, Melbourne
Upper Ferntree Gully Station


The Ferny Creek Trail is a shared use path for cyclists and pedestrians, which follows Ferny and Corhanwarrabul Creeks through the suburbs of Knoxfield and Ferntree Gully in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. [ [http://maps.vicroads.vic.gov.au/website/bikes2b/viewer.htm VicRoads - Bicycle Facilities Map] ] [ [http://www.bigyak.net.au/gmaps/vicbiketrailsgmap.html?slct2=17 Melbourne and Geelong's shared paths in Google Maps] ] [ [http://www.bigyak.net.au/bike/bike.html#melgel Melbourne and Geelong's shared paths in Google Earth] ]

Bicycle Victoria is campaigning for a connection between the Dandenong Creek Trail and the western end of the Ferny Creek Trail at Stud Rd. The path would have to be extended along Corhanwarrabul Creek beside the Caribbean Gardens. The connection is also as proposed by Parks Victoria [ [http://www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/resources07/07_2056.pdf Linking People and Spaces (2002) p44] ] and support for the project is ALP policy. [ [http://www.alpvictoria.com.au/media/docs/Outer-Eastern-Suburbs-c57fe824-d7d2-49bd-a860-783a6d8e8a43.pdf ALP on Corhanwarrabul Creek] ] An underpass would have to be built as part of the EastLink project.

Ferny and Monbulk creeks combine to become the Corhanwarrabul Creek, 1.2 km east of Stud Rd.

Following the Path

The Belgrave Rail Trail runs beside Kings Park along Forest Oak Drv south west of and close to Upper Ferntree Gully Station. Forest Oak Drv turns to the east with a 90 degree bend, at the north end of the park. At the bend go straight ahead for the Ferny Creek trail and for the Belgrave Rail Trail turn to the right and head for the pedestrian lights at Burwood Highway.

Within a 100m the trail starts to run parallel to Acacia Rd. After the far end of Acacia Rd, the trail is straightforward. About 4.7km from the start is an intersection with a rough track that quickly leads to Scoresby Rd. The point is marked by one of the many pieces of art dedicated to Hubert Opperman, that are found in the City of Knox. See also the Oppy Family Fun Ride.

Another 2.1 km and the trail finishes at Stud Rd after a nice run in pleasant surroundings.


Dead end in the west at Stud Rd. Belgrave Rail Trail in the east. At Knox park, one can use a decrepit path along Scoresby Rd, that leads to the Blind Creek Trail in the north.

The Dandenong Creek Trail can be reached by travelling north along Stud Rd then west along Ferntree Gully Rd (3.6km). However, both these roads have heavy traffic.

North end at coord|37.903625|S|145.236587|E.South end at coord|37.893094|S|145.301510|E.


* "Bike Paths Victoria" sixth edition, 2004. Edited and published by Sabey & Associates Pty Ltd. pp117. ISBN 0957959117

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