Broadmeadows Valley Trail

Broadmeadows Valley Trail


NAME=Broadmeadows Valley Trail
LENGTH=14.3 km
HILLS=Some uphill work when heading north
TRAIN=Craigieburn line

The Broadmeadows Valley Trail is a shared use path for cyclists and pedestrians in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. [ [ VicRoads - Bicycle Facilities Map] ] [ [ Melbourne and Geelong's shared paths in Google Maps] ] [ [ Melbourne and Geelong's shared paths in Google Earth] ]

While in Craigieburn consider a side trip to Mt Ridley or a return trip via the Craigieburn Bypass Trail.

Following the Path

The north end of the trail is most readily accessed from Craigieburn station. The trail starts at the intersection of Hothlyn Drv and Aitken Creek.

Follow Aitken Creek for 1.3 km until stymied by yet another golf course. The trail turns left and stops immediately at Axminster Drv. Proceed in a westerly direction up Axminster Drv, which immediately swings round to the south. It soon forms a path made out of the ends of a series of cull de sacs. About a 1 km from Aitken Creek a small wetland appears. Follow the trail here until a large solitary palm comes into view. Head for the palm, then continue along a short goat track on its far side, that crosses a narrow easement. Pick up the path on the other side of the easement.

Now in Roxburgh Park, the path winds round some streets and crosses an open section and then runs between some contemporary terrace like houses. It breaks into an open park area, where the path forms a figure of eight. At the south end of the park, it passes through a distinct line of trees running west east and crosses a large power transmission line easement. While possible, do not go east at this point. Continue in a southerly direction.

From here the path runs for another 8 km through a section that is easy to navigate and arrives at Barry Rd in Westmeadows. Passing by a couple of ovals on the left, the path reaches a footbridge about 0.4 km from Barry Rd. Cross the bridge and arrive at the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail.


The electrified railway service to Craigieburn station was opened on the 30th of September 2007, together with a new station at Roxburgh Park at Somerton Rd - Roxburgh Park station. The Craigieburn service was previously by Sprinter Railcars.

Dead end in the north at Hothlyn Drv. Meets the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail in the south.

North end at coord|37.606673|S|144.940289|E.South end at coord|37.683859|S|144.903064|E.


* "Bike rides around Melbourne" 2nd edition, 2006, Julia Blunden, Open Spaces Publishing, ISBN 0-9752333-2-7

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