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Title = Gee Whiz
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Season = 3
Episode = 4
Airdate = August 22 2004
Production = 304
Writer = Matt Maiellaro Dave Willis
Guests = George Lowe (S&P video host) Michael D. Hanks (Homeless man) Ted Nugent (himself)
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"Gee Whiz" is the forty-sixth episode of the animated series "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It was first broadcast on August 22 2004.cite web|title=Toon Zone - Aqua Teen Hunger Force|url=|publisher=Toon Zone|accessdate=2007-06-02] This episode was also called "The Nuge", then just "Nuge", before being named "Gee Whiz" a day before this episode aired. [ episode|340280] Ted Nugent provides the voice of himself for this episode. George Lowe and Michael D. Hanks also guest star.cite web|title="Gee Whiz": Aqua Teen Hunger Force|url=|publisher=IMDb|accessdate=2007-06-02]


Cold open

In a continuation of "Spacecataz", the Mooninites knock on the Plutonians' door and run away.


While being harassed by Meatwad to order him pizza from his computer, Frylock learns that people have been seeing the face of Jesus on a billboard. However, he can't actually say 'Jesus' because of Standards and Practices, and shows Meatwad a video explaining the process, which helps keep funny ideas away from the TV viewers. Thereafter, the character is referred to as "Gee Whiz" (who Frylock describes as looking like Ted Nugent). Every time someone curses or says "black" in this episode, a red X appears on the screen, and a horn is played instead of the usual beep.

The Aqua Teens decide to head to the billboard to see whether or not it's real. Meatwad prays for a "meat craver's" pizza with a thick crust and mild sauce and leaves money to pay for it, but Frylock says that Meatwad shouldn't believe in false prophets. Master Shake, who was hiding from them, tries to steal the money, but is thwarted by flaming arrows.

Back home, Frylock tries to explain to Meatwad the story of Jesus, but quickly finds out that a genetic impossibility has happened - Meatwad has become pregnant.

Shake and Frylock return to the billboard, where Shake tries to make Frylock see the face in the woodgrain of the bolt-action rifle on the billboard, but Frylock can't see it. A homeless man then jumps off the billboard, and when Shake uses Gee Whiz's name in vain, he is again pelted with flaming arrows.

After dealing with Meatwad's apparent pregnancy and his mood swings for a few days [such as repeatedly cursing about how there is no ice cream] , the Aqua Teens and Carl throw Meatwad a baby shower, after which they decide to take a sonogram of the baby using a program Frylock stole off the Internet. They discover that Meatwad is filled with spider eggs, which isn't the first time Meatwad has been a host for bugs, and shortly the spiders hatch and explode out of Meatwad's body, filling the entire house.

Ted Nugent approaches the Aqua Teens and reveals that it was HIS image that was seen on the billboard. He then shoots Carl, who states that he is a huge fan of his, with a flaming arrow, mistaking him for a "varmint". After several warnings not to move, Carl sets off a bomb in the arrow, blowing off the upper half of his body and a rainbow rises out of his body. Frylock and Shake are thankful, because they would have been "Mutha'F***ing offended" if he bled.

Frylock and Shake cus some more, and it's censored in the same manner. The Standards & Practices guy says "approved," and a checkmark appears over the screen, ending the episode.


Dave Willis's inspiration to "impregnate" Meatwad came from his wife's pregnancy during the production and writing of the episode. The idea of people seeing Jesus on a billboard came from a 1991 billboard in Atlanta, Georgia of a forkful of spaghetti, which people believed to see the face of Jesus on.cite video | people=Dave Willis (Writer and Director) | medium=DVD | title=Audio commentary for "Gee Whiz"]

Ted Nugent portrays a likeness of himself in this episode. They were recorded in a studio in Texas while Ted was there on a hunting trip. Nugent also suggested the badger loin cloth that his animated self wore.

The standards and practices video was derived from problems that Cartoon Network had with the first version of the episode, in particular the use of Jesus. George Lowe provided the voice of the video's host, which was animated twice when Lowe rejected the first version of his animated self for having a noticeable gap between his front teeth.

Cultural references

*The Necronomicon, which Frylock pulls out while trying to teach Meatwad about Jesus, is a fictional book invented by H. P. Lovecraft for his horror novels, although the binding is more similar to the same book in the Evil Dead canon.
*Meatwad makes a reference to Elvis Presley's death when Frylock says he "died on the C [ross] ", Meatwad guesses commode, and assumes it's Elvis.
*Frylock tells Meatwad "the real Gee Whiz was black," but he's censored as soon as he says this. He "corrects" himself by saying "I mean African American." Meatwad replies, "Gee Whiz was American? USA! USA!" Frylock realizes the impossiblity of Jesus being African-American, so he says, "I mean African...African." It's possible that Jesus was African, which is a common theme in The Color of the Cross & The Boondocks.


This is Meatwad's first death. So far, Shake and Carl have died countless times. Only the villains who died have gone to any kind of afterlife (except in Shake's case of committing suicide to get into Video Ouija). As with Shake and Carl, Meatwad is alive in the next episode.


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