eWise is an Australian company which started operations in the year 2000. eWise provide two principal services, online payments, and account aggregation. The payment service is very different from US based PayPal, as no pre-registration is required and no card details are stored. eWise offices are located in North Sydney, Australia. The account aggregation service is used by Australian based Westpac, and UK based Egg and First Direct.

In February 2006, US based NACHA (represents more than 12,000 financial institutions in the US) approved a pilot to test online payments provided by eWise. With the new service buyers do not need to register and the money is transferred directly from the buyer's bank account into the seller's bank account.

In March 2008, eWise launched the eWise network in the UK, which enables consumers to make payments to online retailers directly from their bank account. eWise currently supports payments from Abbey, Alliance & Leicester, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland.


* [http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/04/08/1017206304022.html eWise chosen by Westpac to provide account aggregation]
* [http://www.paymentspilot.nacha.org/about/about.html eWise chosen to provide payment system to NACHA]
* [http://www.e-consultancy.com/news-blog/155709/ewise-systems-powers-first-direct-s-internet-banking-plus-service.html eWise Systems Powers first direct's Internet Banking plus Service]
* [http://www.pressdispensary.co.uk/releases/c99808.php Egg Money Manager achieves significant results using eWise account aggregation technology]
* [http://www.ewisesystems.com/corporate/downloads/Launch_rel_FINAL.pdf New payments system makes online shopping safer]

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* [http://www.ewisesystems.com/ Official eWise Website]

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