Dragon's teeth

Dragon's teeth (or Dragon Teeth) may refer to:

  • Dragon's teeth (mythology), the teeth of a dragon in Greek mythology which, once planted, grow into fully armed warriors
  • Dragon's teeth (fortification), fortifications used to impede the progress of mechanized armies in World War II
  • Dragon's Teeth (novel), 1942 novel by Upton Sinclair about the Nazi takeover of Germany during the 1930s
  • "Dragon's Teeth" (Voyager episode), episode of the sci-fi television series Star Trek: Voyager
  • Dragon Teeth, the dagger weapon of Kira from the Mortal Kombat video game series
  • Dragon's Teeth Mountains, a fictional mountain range separating the Southland from the Northland in the Shannara book series by Terry Brooks
  • Dragon teeth, another name for wisdom teeth
  • "Dragons' Teeth", a collection of short stories between 1977-1989 by David Drake
  • "Dragon's Teeth", a series of lines painted on the road at a speed camera to allow speed to be calculated after the fact from evidential photographs.
  • The leguminous plant Tetragonolobus maritimus

Dragon's Tooth (or Dragon tooth) may refer to:


  • Dragon's Tooth, a 1986 text adventure computer game published by Incentive Software
  • "Dragon Tooth", a Runefang sword used in the Warhammer tabletop wargame
  • Dragon's Tooth Sword, used in the Deus Ex computer/video game
  • Dragon Tooth, a sword that can be used by the protagonist Cless in the PlayStation video game Tales of Phantasia
  • Dragon tooth spell, in the Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II video game


  • "The Legend of Dragon Tooth", an American Dragon: Jake Long animated television series episode
  • Dragon Tooth, a high-caliber sniper rifle in the Fafner of the Azure anime
  • Rankyaku "dragon tooth", a fighting skill in the Rokushiki techniques from the anime One Piece


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  • dragon's teeth — noun plural Etymology: from the dragon s teeth sown by Cadmus which sprang up as armed warriors who killed one another off Date: 1853 1. seeds of strife 2. wedge shaped concrete antitank barriers laid in multiple rows …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • dragon's teeth — noun plural 1. [so called from the story in Greek mythology that Cadmus, the founder of Thebes in Boeotia, sowed the teeth of a dragon that sprang into armed men who fought each other until only five survived] : seeds of mutual strife 2. : wedge… …   Useful english dictionary

  • dragon's teeth — /ˈdrægənz tiθ/ (say draguhnz teeth) plural noun NSW a road marking comprising a row of small triangular shapes, a pair of such rows along either edge of a roadway indicating a school zone where vehicles must slow to 40 km/h at specified times …   Australian English dictionary

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