The word Tsagaan ( _mn. цагаан, "white") is part of many names signifying:


* the alternative name "Tsagaan mongghol" of a mongol ethnic group in China, see Monguor
* a Kalmyk throat singer, see Okna Tsagaan Zam


* several places named "white lake", see Tsagaannuur
* several sums (districts) in different aimags (provinces) of Mongolia:
** Baatsagaan, Bayankhongor
** Bayantsagaan, Bayankhongor
** Bayantsagaan, Töv
** Buutsagaan, Bayankhongor
** Erdenetsagaan, Sükhbaatar
** Saintsagaan, Dundgovi
** Tsagaanchuluut, Zavkhan
** Tsagaandelger, Dundgovi
** Tsagaankhairkhan, Uvs
** Tsagaankhairkhan, Zavkhan
** Tsagaan-Ovoo, Dornod
** Tsagaan-Uul, Khövsgöl
** Tsagaan-Üür, Khövsgöl


* the Mongolian New Year festival, see Tsagaan Sar
* misspelled, the dinosaur "Tsaagan mangas", see Tsaagan

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