Name = Sialic acid binding Ig-like lectin 1, sialoadhesin
caption =

width =
HGNCid = 11127
Symbol = SIGLEC1
AltSymbols = SN, CD169
EntrezGene = 6614
OMIM = 600751
RefSeq = NM_023068
UniProt = Q9BZZ2
ECnumber =
Chromosome = 20
Arm = p
Band = 13
LocusSupplementaryData =

Sialoadhesin is a cell adhesion molecule found on the surface of certain cells of the immune system called macrophages. It is defined as an I-type lectin, since it contains 17 immunoglobulin (Ig) domains (one variable domain and 16 constant domains), and thus also belongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF). Since sialoadhesin binds sialic acids with its N-terminal IgV-domain, it is also a member of the SIGLEC family. Alternate names for sialoadhesin include siglec-1 and CD169 (cluster of differentiation 169).cite web | url = | title = PROW Guide: Sialoadhesin, Siglec-1 (CD169) | accessdate = 2008-02-23 | author = Ajit Varki | authorlink = | coauthors = | date = | format = | work = | publisher = | pages = | language = | archiveurl = | archivedate = | quote = ]

Sialoadhesin predomiantly binds neutrophils, but can also bind monocytes, natural killer cells, B cells and a subset of cytotoxic T cells by interacting with sialic acid molecules in the ligands on their surfaces. [cite journal |author=Kelm S, Pelz A, Schauer R, Filbin M, Tang S, de Bellard M, Schnaar R, Mahoney J, Hartnell A, Bradfield P |title=Sialoadhesin, myelin-associated glycoprotein and CD22 define a new family of sialic acid-dependent adhesion molecules of the immunoglobulin superfamily |journal=Curr Biol |volume=4 |issue=11 |pages=965–72 |year=1994 |pmid=7533044 |doi=10.1016/S0960-9822(00)00220-7]


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