1924 in Northern Ireland


*24 March - Ballycastle Railway closes due to financial difficulties.cite web | title=Ballycastle Railway Station | work=Ballycastle | url=http://www.ballycastle.free-online.co.uk/info/railway/oldrailway.htm | accessdate=2007-10-27]
*24 April - No agreement is reached at the Boundary Conference in London. The government now sets up a Boundary Commission to examine the border between the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland.
*6 May - James Craig refuses to nominate a Northern Ireland representative to the Boundary Commission.
*11 August - Ballycastle Railway reopens under Northern Counties Committee ownership.
* 14 September - First BBC broadcast from Belfast (station 2BE).
*24 October - Éamon de Valera is arrested at Newry Town Hall after he defied an order preventing him from speaking in Northern Ireland.

Arts and literature



*International::1 March Scotland 2 - 0 Northern Ireland (in Glasgow)cite book | last=Hayes, Dean| year=2006 |title=Northern Ireland International Football Facts | publisher=Appletree Press | location= Belfast | pages=p 164|isbn=0-86281-874-5] ::15 March Northern Ireland 0 - 1 Wales::22 October England 3 - 1 Northern Ireland (in Liverpool)

*Irish League::Winners: Queen's Island

*Irish Cup::Winners: Queen's Island 1 - 0 Willowfield


*15 April - Padraic Fiacc, poet.
*18 April - Roy Mason, fourth Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.
*26 May - Sheelagh Murnaghan, only Ulster Liberal Party Member of Parliament at Stormont (d.1993).
*11 July - Charlie Tully, footballer (d. 1971).
*2 December - William Craig, former Unionist MP and founder of the Ulster Vanguard movement.
*14 December - Andy Thompson, former Canadian politician.
*17 December - Cecil Walker, Ulster Unionist Party MP for North Belfast from 1983 to 2001 (d.2007).


*6 June - William Pirrie, 1st Viscount Pirrie, shipbuilder and businessman (b.1847).


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