Numero Uno

Numero Uno has different meanings. In Italian and in Spanish means "number one" (The most important of a group of people).

Numero Uno (Music publishing)

Numero Uno was an Italian music publishing company founded in 1969 by Giulio Rapetti, better known as Mogol, his father Mariano, known as Calibi, and producer Alessandro Colombini, supported by Lucio Battisti, Franco Daldello and Carlo Donida. Their musical productions were distributed by RCA Italia (the Italian division of RCA). Numero Uno published several works of Formula Tre, Edoardo Bennato, La Verde Stagione, L'Anonima Sound, Tony Renis, Bruno Lauzi, Demetrio Stratos, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Adriano Pappalardo, Eugenio Finardi, Toni Esposito and Ivan Graziani.

Numero Uno (band)

A Dutch group, consisting of the twin brothers Hans and Rob Keller, Numero Uno scored a hit in 1984 with their song "Tora Tora". This song (and group) was also the subject of discussion on retro show "Gylne Tider", on Norwegian TV2. The three hosts of the show dressed up like the members of the band and danced on the beach. They were produced by the Dutch producers Bolland & Bolland, best known for the hit "Rock Me Amadeus" which they also produced for the Austrian singer Falco.

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