Amenhotep, Priest of Amun

The Ancient Egyptian official, Amenhotep was a high priest of Amun, under pharaohs Ramesses IX to Ramesses XI at the end of the New Kingdom of Egypt. [cite web|url=|title=High Priests of Amun] He was also the vizier, or a great confidante of his master, and first prophet of Amun-resonther. He was the son of Ramessesnakht; his father, mother and both of his grandfathers also worked in the Temple of Amun.

Ramesses IX made gifts to the high priest, which included gold and silver. There are visual representations of this act which still survive today at the site of Karnak. The fading power of the dynasty is illustrated by the depiction of the Amenhotep being shown in the same scale as Ramesses IX.

He played a key role in the civil war that marked the end of the 20th Dynasty. During the reign of Ramesses XI, the Viceroy of Nubia, called Panehesy, attacked Thebes to restore order. Paneshy besieged the high priest at the fortified temple of Medinet Habu. It is not known if the High Priest, Amenhotep, survived this attack. [cite web|url=|title=Suppresion of Amenhotep]


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