Parlay X

Parlay X is set of Web service APIs for the telephone network (fixed and mobile.)

It enables software developers to use the capabilities of a underlying network. The APIs are deliberately high level abstractions and designed to be simple to use. An application developer can, for example, invoke a single Web Service request to get the location of a mobile device or initiate a telephone call.

The Parlay X Web services are defined jointly by ETSI, the Parlay Group, and the Third Generation Partnership Program (3GPP).

The APIs are defined using Web Service technology: interfaces are defined using WSDL 1.1 and conform with Web Services Interoperability (WS-I Basic Profile).

The APIs are published as a set of specifications.

In general Parlay X provides an abstraction of functionality exposed by the more complex, but functionally richer Parlay APIs. ETSI provide a set of (informative not normative) Parlay X to Parlay mapping documents.

Parlay X services have been rolled out by a number of telecom operators, including BT, Korea Telecom, T-Com, Mobilekom and Sprint.

External links

* [ The Parlay Group Website]
* [ Parlay X Version 3.0 Specifications]
* [ Parlay X Version 2.1 Specifications]

Developer Communities

* [ Parlay X, Ericsson Developer Program]

Developer Resources

* [ Java SE Components for Telecom Web Services (Parlay X made easy through JavaBeans)]
* [ Telecom Web Services Network Emulator (Parlay X emulator)]

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