Selwyn is originally an Anglo-Saxon name, also occasionally spelt Selwin, deriving from 'Sel' (castle/house) & 'wyn/win' (friend), roughly meaning "friend in the house" or "friend in the castle".

The name Selwyn later became an English surname as well after the Norman Conquest of 1066 introduced the concept of family surnames to England. Its renewed popularity as a Christian-name in England in the 19th century was largely due to the fame of the eminent Bishop George Augustus Selwyn.

Selwyn is quite uncommon as both a first name and family name.

Selwyn may refer to:

* Selwyn County, New South Wales, one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales, Australia
* Selwyn (district), New Zealand, rural district in central Canterbury, New Zealand
** Selwyn by-election 1994
* Selwyn Range (Australia), range of highlands in north-west Queensland, Australia
* Selwyn Range (Canada), range of mountains in the Canadian Rockies
* Selwyn River, New Zealand and the nearby settlement of Selwyn
* Selwyn's Rock, glaciated pavement in the Inman Valley south of Adelaide, South Australia
* Selwyn Snowfields, ski resort in New South Wales, Australia

* Selwyn College, Auckland, is a multicultural, co-educational High School in Auckland, New Zealand
* Selwyn College, Cambridge, one of the University of Cambridge colleges, UK
** Selwyn College Boat Club
** Selwyn College JCRS
* Selwyn College, Otago, hall of residence at the University of Otago, New Zealand
* Selwyn House School, private independent boys' school in Westmount, Quebec, Canada
* Selwyn School, a private school in Denton, Texas, USA
* Harris and Selwyn Theaters, twin theatres in Chicago, Illinois, USA

* Alfred Richard Cecil Selwyn (1824-1902), British geologist who surveyed parts of Australia and Canada
* Don Selwyn (c.1936-2007), Maori actor and film director from New Zealand
* George Augustus Selwyn (1809-1878), Bishop of New Zealand
* George Augustus Selwyn (MP) (1719–1791), English politician and wit
* Sir Percy Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke (1893-1976), Director of Medical Services, Hong Kong, 1937–1943, and Governor of the Seychelles, 1947–1951
* Tim Selwyn (born 1974), New Zealand political activist who was tried for sedition
* Victor Selwyn (1917-2005), British journalist
* Zach Selwyn (born 1975), American TV personality.

Given names
* Selwyn Blackmore (born 1972), New Zealand cricketer
* Selwyn Z. Bowman (1840-1928), U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
* Selwyn Brown (born 1958), British musician
* Selwyn Dewdney (1909-1979), Canadian author, illustrator, artist and activist
* Selwyn Edge (1868-1940), Australian businessman and racing car driver
* Stephen Selwyn Harding (1808-1891), Governor of the Utah Territory, chief justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, and ardent abolitionist.
* Selwyn Hughes (1928-2006), British Christian minister
* Selwyn Image (1849-1930), British academic
* Selwyn Jepson (1899-1989), British author
* Selwyn George (Bill) Lane (1922-2000), Australian ornithologist
* Selwyn Lloyd (1904-1978), British Conservative politician
* Selwyn Maister (born 1946), New Zealand field hockey player
* Selwyn Pretorius (born 1982), Australian R&B singer of South African origin
* Selwyn Toogood (1916-2001), New Zealand television personality
* Selwyn Ward (born 1977), American actor
* Selwyn Walford Young (1899-1977), Belizean musician and composer

* "Hugh Selwyn Mauberley", 1920 poem by Ezra Pound
* "Live at Selwyn Hall", 1996 album by Shooglenifty
* "Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt!", 1976-1978 situation comedy on British television

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