Peisistratus (Orchomenus)

Peisistratus or Peisitratos or Pisistratus (Ancient Greek: polytonic|Πεισίστρατος; The traditional English pronunciation is IPAEng|paɪˈsɪstrətəs.) [The misspellings Psistratus, Peistratus, and Pesistratus are sometimes found.] was king of Arcadian Orchomenus at the time of the Peloponnesian War, who became the object of the hatred of the oligarchical party, and was murdered in an assembly of the senate. To avoid detection his body was cut to pieces, and the parts of it carried away by the senators under their robes. Tlesimachus, the son of Peisistratus, who was privy to the conspiracy, quieted the populace, who were incensed at the disappearance of their king, by a story of his having appeared to him in a super­human form after he had left the earth. (Plut. "Parall." vol. ii. p. 313, b.)




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