Chinese Television System

Chinese Television System
Chinese Television System
Type Free-to-air nationwide TV
Branding CTS
Country Taiwan
First air date 1971-10-31
Availability Taiwan
Founded 1971-10-08
Owner Taiwan Broadcasting System
Official website [1]
CTS Building 1: Studio Building

Chinese Television System (Chinese: 中華電視公司; pinyin: Zhōnghuá Diànshì Gōngsī; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tiong-hôa-tiān-sī-kong-si) is a broadcast television station in Republic of China (Taiwan).



Founded on October 31, 1971, CTS started off as a joint venture between the ROC's Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Education. At the time of its establishment, CTS was the only VHF-supported channel on the island of Taiwan. In 1998, the channel was commissioned by the ROC to provide an "Electronic Government" program, which would act as an informational source for government workers.

On July 1, 2006 by virtue of the government's media reform law, the channel was incorporated into the Taiwan Broadcasting System (TBS), the island state's consortium of public television stations, with Public Television Service (PTS) as the other member of the group. The absorption calls for the transfer of the station's main studios from Taipei to Kaohsiung in a span of five years. It shall however be allowed to continue generating its income through traditional advertisements, and maintain its 60-40 entertainment-news programming mix like before.

The channel is currently in a campaign to restore its title as "Taiwan's drama authority", for having been home to some of Taiwan's most unforgettable drama serials.


At present, CTS operates three channels:

CTS Building 2: CTS Building
CTS Building 3: TV Production Building
CTS Building 4: UHF Studio & Administrative Building, all 4 buildings are in Taipei City

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