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In digital photography, the Digital Negative (DNG) file format is a royalty free RAW image format designed by Adobe Systems. Its specification was announced on September 27, 2004.cite press release | publisher = Adobe Systems | date = September 27, 2004 |title = Adobe Unifies Raw Photo Formats with Introduction of Digital Negative Specification | url =] The same day, Adobe introduced Digital Negative to the market with its free of charge Adobe DNG Converter program. According to Adobe, Digital Negative was a response to demand for a unifying camera raw file format. [cite news | author = Kathy White | date = March 15, 2005 | title = Adobe Pushes DNG Image Format | work = Publish Magazine | url =,1759,1776439,00.asp] Digital Negative is based on the TIFF/EP format, and mandates use of metadata. All Adobe photo manipulation software (such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom) released since the announcement support DNG.

Adobe is submitting DNG to ISO for standardization. [ [ Adobe seeks International recognition for DNG] (Digital Photography Review, Thu 15 May 2008)]

Digital cameras

The following digital cameras support DNG, as of March 2008.PEARSON, Barry. [ Manufacturers] .]

* Casio supports DNG in their Exilim PRO EX-F1.
* Hasselblad supports DNG, as an output format via software [] on their V96C digital back for the [ 503CW camera body] and in the Hasselblad H-2D [ [ H2 ] ] one; also the [ CF] and [ CFH] .
* Leica's Digital Modul R [Leica [ Digital Modul R] .] for the Leica R8 or Leica R9, as well as the Leica M8 and the Leica Digilux 3 natively support the DNG format.
* MegaVision E Series Monochrome back.
* NuCoreTech [ PEK] reference platform.
* Pentax supports DNG in their K10D, K20D and K200D DSLR cameras.
* Ricoh supports DNG in the Ricoh Digital GR [ [ Products & Solutions / GR DIGITAL | Ricoh Global ] ] , considered a professional compact, and the Ricoh Caplio GX [ [ Products & Solutions / Caplio GX100 | Ricoh Global ] ] .
* Samsung supports DNG in their Pro815 [ [ PRO815 : Samsung Advanced Digital Camera ] ] "prosumer" camera and GX-10 and GX-20 DSLR cameras.
* Sea&Sea DX‐1G [ [ Index of /DX-1G ] ] underwater camera.
* Seitz Roundshot D3 [ [ Seitz Phototechnik AG - Roundshot D3 ] ] digital back, used in cameras such as the [ 6×17] .
* Silicon ImagingSilicon Imaging Digital Cinema SI-1920HDVR [ [ Silicon Imaging ] ] .
* Sinar now uses DNG as the RAW file standard for their eMotion series of digital backs.

Software that supports DNG

Besides Adobe Photoshop, several other software programs provide read support, and sometimes write support, for DNG files including:
ACDSee Photo Manager,
DigiKam (0.10) [] Announcement of DNG support in DigiKam.] ,
Adobe Lightroom,
SilverFast DC,
XnView. [ Complete list of the software editors] which informed Adobe of their products compatibility.]

"Adobe DNG Converter" was published by Adobe Systems on September 27, 2004. It converts different camera raw format files into the Digital Negative (DNG) standard. It also supports lossless data compression when converting. The program is free of charge, but not open source. It can be downloaded at Adobe's site ( [ Win] and [ Mac] ).

See also

* RAW image format
* Comparison of image viewers
* DNxHD codec
* dcraw
* other digital negative formats


*cite news |title= Adobe offers Camera Raw update, Universal DNG Converter |url= |publisher= Macworld| first= Peter |last= Cohen |date= 2006-09-19 |accessdate= 2006-12-03

External links

* [ Official Adobe DNG page]
** [ Digital Negative Specification] v. (February 2005)
** [ Introducing the Digital Negative Specification]
** [ Introducing the Digital Negative Specification: Information for Manufacturers]
** [ DNG hardware and software support]

*cite web
title=Notes on the future of Open RAW formats, and a look at DNG (was: DNG Is Not the Answer)
publisher=The OpenRAW Working Group

* cite web
title=DNG articles and links

* cite web
title=Commentary on Stuart Nixon's "DNG is not the answer"

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