Excess inventory

Overstock, Excessive stock, or excess inventory, is the result of poor management[dubious ] of stock demand or of material flow in process management. Excessive stock is also associated with loss of revenue owing to additional capital bound with the purchase or simply storage space taken. Excessive stock can result from over delivery from a supplier or from poor ordering and management of stock by a buyer for the stock[1]

When referring to Overstock merchandise in the form of consumer goods in a retail operation, the term refers to goods that have never been purchased by a customer but that are considered excessive stock from shelves and/or warehouses. Excessive stock is typically discarded of in two ways: returned to the manufacturer or original distributor, or liquidated to companies that then resell it on the secondary wholesale or retail market.

Economical implication

The prior damage caused by excessive stock is an early exhaust of cash flow, later the loss of free disponible capital for investing.

With food supplies, excessive stock can cause the loss of millions of currency units as the product freshness may deteriorate to such an extent that it can not be sold, as is the case with fresh fruit and vegetables or even more sensitive resources like fresh fish.

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