Anti Feminism

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Background = group_or_band
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Origin = Japan
Genre = Rock
Punk rock
Visual kei
Years_active = 1991-
Label = Anarchist Records
Associated_acts =
Current_members = Kenzi (vocals)
Tomozo (guitar)
Nashi (bass)
Kyouji (bass)
Katsura (drums)
Past_members = Bass: Akiyama Kyouji [gone : 2007]
Bass: Aya [gone : 2006]
Bass: DE-HI [gone : 2004]
Bass: HIDENO [gone : 2003]
Bass: Hizumi [gone : 2002]
Bass: Kai [gone : 2000]
Bass: Kisaki [gone : 2007]
Bass: KO・・ [gone : 1992]
Bass: Leaya [gone : 2002]
Bass: LINA [gone : 2007]
Bass: Maki [gone : 2000]
Bass: makoto [gone : 2002]
Bass: mukku (ex. mukuro) [gone : 2007]
Bass: Nanjou Kanata [gone : 2005]
Bass: NoBu [gone : 2006]
Bass: Sei [gone : 2003]
Bass: SEIJI [gone : 2003]
Bass: Shin [gone : 2002]
Bass: Shio [gone : 2001]
Bass: Shion [gone : 2000]
Bass: Tairan [gone : 2005]
Bass: Takahiro [gone : 2006]
Bass: Teala [gone : 2003]
Bass: Wild Turkey [gone : 2007]
Bass: Y・A・C [gone : 2003]
Bass: Yohei Togawa [gone : 2006]
Bass: Yu~u [gone : 2005]
Bass: Yuchi (ex. 8342) [gone : 2001]
Drums: AKIRA [gone : 2001]
Drums: Ayame [gone : 2002]
Drums: HIROSHI [gone : 1992]
Drums: HIYOKA [gone : 2007]
Drums: JUNYA [gone : 2001]
Drums: K-suke [gone : 2007]
Drums: Kaede [gone : 2007]
Drums: Katsura [gone : 2007]
Drums: KEN2 [gone : 2003]
Drums: LUNA [gone : 2002]
Drums: Mashiro [gone : 2002]
Drums: mitsuru [gone : 2007]
Drums: mohi [gone : 2003]
Drums: N.O.Y [gone : 2004]
Drums: Rei [gone : 2004]
Drums: REO [gone : 2000]
Drums: RYOHEI [gone : 2003]
Drums: Shizuki (Miura-Kaigan) [gone : 2004]
Drums: Shoki [gone : 2001]
Drums: Tarou [gone : 2000]
Drums: You-ya [gone : 1999]
Guitar: Akino [gone : 2007]
Guitar: ARATA [gone : 2000]
Guitar: erina [gone : 2004]
Guitar: Haruki [gone : 2001]
Guitar: Hideaki [gone : 2001]
Guitar: Hiromi [gone : 2000]
Guitar: HIZUMI [gone : 2001]
Guitar: JILL [gone : 1992]
Guitar: Jun [gone : 2000]
Guitar: kagetsu [gone : 2006]
Guitar: Kaion [gone : 2006]
Guitar: kanata [gone : 2001]
Guitar: Kazane [gone : 2001]
Guitar: kazu [gone : 2003]
Guitar: masaki [gone : 2003]
Guitar: Nachi [gone : 2007]
Guitar: O-YOH [gone : 2004]
Guitar: SEANA [gone : 2000]
Guitar: Shinya [gone : 2003]
Guitar: Sin [gone : 2001]
Guitar: Takayuki [gone : 2006]
Guitar: TAPPEI [gone : 1992]
Guitar: Tatsuya [gone : 2003]
Guitar: Tomozo [gone : 2007]
Guitar: Yamada Maya [gone : 2005]
Guitar: Yayoi [gone : 2007]
Guitar: Yuki [gone : 2003]
Guitar: YURA [gone : 2001]
Vocals: aika [gone : 2001]
Vocals: Kirala [gone : 2000]
Vocals: SEEK [gone : 2000]

ANTI FEMINISM (typeset as ∀NTI FEMINISM) is a Japanese visual kei band formed in 1991. The band is an on-going side project of the vocalist Kenzi, and has included members from various parts of Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Nagoya. The band's vocalist, Kenzi, has been the only consistent member while the other members have been cycled constantly. In 2007, Anti Feminism toured through Europe with Hagakure. [ Yukionna and Annu "Interview with Kenzi and Kaya in Finland" JAME] Retrieved Aug 27 2007]


Kenzi, drummer of the band The Dead Pop Stars, started the band in 1991, although ANTI FEMINISM disbanded several years later. In 1998, Kenzi worked together with Takayuki of The Piass to revive the band. In the 8 years since the reunion the band has had more than fifty different members, with exception of the vocals, that always were led by Kenzi. Every position has been filled up with several well known musicians of the visual kei scene amongst them Kisaki (Phantasmagoria, Syndrome, Mirage, etc.), Katsura (Shazna, Baiser, Vinett, etc.), Hideaki (Das Vasser) and many more. Despite the genres that ANTI FEMINISM's music fits into, the band involved some members in the past whose bands did not have much to do with hard rock.

A noteworthy detail of ANTI FEMINISM is Kenzi's antics at live performances. During shows, he has set off fireworks, set himself on fire, broken fluorescent light bulbs over his head, jumped onto a board covered in barbed wire, and done various other extreme stunts, consistently injuring himself and calling for hospitalization. This is highlighted in ANTI FEMINISM's official site profile, as well as the section "Mad Performance."

KENZI affectionately refers to fans of ANTI FEMINISM as Mad Family.

Current line-up

Vocals: Kenzi (drummer of The Dead Pop Stars, ex. drummer of Kamaitachi)
Guitar: Tako
Bass: Ruiji (Ex. The Piass)
Drums: Yuji



*Kyousouroku (2008-06-25)
*Kyohan sabetsu hinichijouteki (2003-12-21)


*15-sai (2008-06-25)


*Kami ga ataeta futsuu de nai mono e no shuudanteki kakushinhan (2003-05-02)
*Mujouken koufuku suru ka, nou ka (2002-07-24)
*To Sick people ~boku wa genki ni shindemasu~ (2001-06-00)
*Majime na ningen wa shinubeki de aru (2000-07-00)
*Majime na ningen wa shinubeki de aru (First Press) (2000-07-00)
*JAPANESE NO (1999-06-27)


* [ An interview with KENZI and Kaya of Hagakure after their two-man tour in Europe]

External links

* [ Official website]
* [ Kenzi's Blog]

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