Wonderland may refer to:


*Wonderland, the setting of Lewis Carroll's book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
*"Wonderland" (novel), a novel by Joyce Carol Oates.
*"Wonderland Avenue", Danny Sugerman's autobiographical book about his life in the music business
*"Wonderland" (Doctor Who) - a novel based on the television series


*"Wonderland (Hughes painting)" a 1912 painting by Arthur Hughes.


*"Wonderland" (Lionnel Mascarenhas album)
*"Wonderland" (The Charlatans album)
*"Wonderland" (Erasure album)
*"Wonderland" (McFly album)
*"Wonderland" (Forgive Durden album)
*"Wonderland" (Judie Tzuke album)
*"Wonderland" (XTC single)
*"Wonderland" (Heidi Klum song)
*"Wonderland" (Ayumi Hamasaki), a song by Ayumi Hamasaki
*"Wonderland", a song by Big Country
*"Wonderland", a song by Alcazar
*"Wonderland", a song by Dramarama
*"Your Body is a Wonderland", a pop song by John Mayer
*"Wonderland", a song by the Spanish-German-Dutch pop group Passion Fruit
*Wonderland (band) -- German pop band from 1960s
*Wonderland, a rave in the off-Broadway musical Bare, a Pop Opera
*Wonderland, a song by the Saddle Club girls, Sophie Bennett, Lara Marshall, and Keenan Macwilliam.
*Wonderland, a pop song by Simply Red

Film and television

*"Wonderland" (TV series), a 2000 ABC television drama directed by Peter Berg
*"Next Stop Wonderland", a 1998 film directed by Brad Anderson. The title refers to the MBTA Wonderland station (see below).
*"The Fruit Machine" (film), a 1988 film was known as "Wonderland" in the US, directed by Philip Saville
*"Wonderland" (1999 film), a film directed by Michael Winterbottom
*"Wonderland" (2003 film), a film about the Wonderland Murders (see below), directed by James Cox
*"This Is Wonderland", a 2004 CBC television drama
*Wonderland, an alternate dimension in the "" anime, to which the main characters travel


* Canada's Wonderland, an amusement park in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
* Wonderland Village, a shopping center in Livonia, Michigan, USA; formerly known as Wonderland Mall and Wonderland Center
* Wonderland station (MBTA), a rapid transit station on the Blue Line in Revere, Massachusetts, USA
* Wonderland Racetrack, a greyhound racing track in Revere, Massachusetts
* Wonderland Amusement Park, operated in Revere, Massachusetts, 1906-1911
* Wonderland Sydney, a now defunct theme park in Sydney, Australia
* Wonderland City, a now defunct theme park in Tamarama, Sydney, Australia
* Wonderland, Ohio, a ghost town in Columbus, Ohio, USA
* Wonderland Trail, a hiking trail that circumnavigates Mount Rainier in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, USA
* Wonderland Amusement Park (Amarillo, Texas), an amusement park located in Amarillo, Texas, USA

Other uses

*The Wonderland murders, occurring in 1981 at 8763 Wonderland Ave., Los Angeles, California to which porn star John Holmes was linked
*Wonderland Club, an international child pornography ring operating over the Internet
*"Wonderland (game)", A puzzle game made by Midnight Synergy (c)
*"Wonderland (adventure game)", a 1990 adventure game by Magnetic Scrolls
*"Wonderland (rpg)", a horror roleplaying game for the JAGS system.
*"Project Wonderland", an open source toolkit for building 3D virtual worlds
*"Wonderland Online", an MMORPG developed by Chinese Gamer International
*"Wonerland"*, a nice place
*"Wonderland"*, agency created by Stephane Gautier 2008

See also

* Winterland
* Wonderworld


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