Bayt Jirja

Bayt Jirja

Bayt Jirja ( _ar. بيت جرجه ) was a Palestinian village that was captured by Israel during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.

Bayt Jirja
DistrictSouth, Israel
Location15.5 (km) North East of Gaza
Israeli occupation date 30th of October 1948
Israeli military operationYo'av
Israeli attacking brigade Possibly a combination of Giv'ati, Negev, and Yiftach Brigades
Remaining population of Arabs after occupation0
Remaining structures after occupation The village was completely destroyed, and only one house remains.
1596 1931 1945
468 619 940
Number of houses1931: 115
Religious InstitutionsOne mosque
ShrinesA shrine for al-Nabi Jirja
Historical names
Canaanite name n/a
Roman name n/a
Crusader name n/a
Archaeological SitesBayt Jirja contained Khirbat 'Amuda, which was known to the Crusades by Amouhde, and it contained pottery fragments, cisterns, and a pool.

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*List of villages depopulated during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war

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