3 Neil Kernon

Neil Kernon

Neil Kernon
Born London, England, UK
Genres Rock/Metal/Jazz/Industrial/Pop/Death metal
Occupations Record producer
Instruments Guitar and keyboards
Years active 70s to present day
Website http://www.auslander.net

Neil Kernon is a musician/record producer/mixer/recording engineer - from London, England.

He has worked with a number of artists over the last 30 years, but may be best known for his work with Hall & Oates on three of their most important albums - 1980's Voices, 1981's Private Eyes,[1] and 1982's H2O.[2] Kernon was an engineer on Voices and co-producer (with the duo) on the other two albums, the sales of which not only revived their careers but made them the most successful chart duo in the history of American pop music. He now works with American death metal bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Macabre and Nile. He has worked on over 500 albums to date.

The allmusic review of Private Eyes called it "one of their best albums and one of the great mainstream pop albums of the early '80s." and said that "the production is state of the art for 1981"[1]

The allmusic review of H2O said that "the production and performances are precise and deliberate" but "when the productions open up a bit, the band still sounds terrific, but they never are given the opportunity to sound as big and bold as they do on Private Eyes."[2]

In a review of a CD by Devolved, UltimateGuitar.com wrote of "famed producer/engineer Neil Kernon (Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Nevermore, Deicide, Judas Priest)".[3]

In an interview with Sea of Tranquility webzine in 2007, Kernon stated that "real mastering engineers have the most fine-tuned hearing of everyone, in the sense that they work in the same environment all the time and know immediately if a mix needs a particular sonic treatment or not."[4]


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