List of British Jewish writers

List of British Jewish writers is a list that includes writers (novelists, poets, playwrights, journalists and others) from the United Kingdom and its predecessor states who are or were Jewish or of Jewish descent.

Authors, A-J

* Grace Aguilar [] , novelist & poet
* Naomi Alderman [,,1713557,00.html] , novelist, winner of the Orange Award for new writers 2006
* Lisa Appignanesi [,4273,4176778,00.html] , novelist
* Alain de Botton [] , writer
* Caryl Brahms ["Obituary, Jewish Chronicle", Dec. 10, 1982] , writer
* David Bret biographer, broadcaster & chansonnier (French-born, Jewish father)
* Anita Brookner [] , novelist
* Ian Buruma [] , Dutch-born journalist and writer
* Elias Canetti [] , novelist, Nobel Prize (1981) (Bulgarian-born)
* Chapman Cohen [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "the elder son of Enoch Cohen, a Jewish confectioner, and his wife, Deborah Barnett"] , writer on secularism
* Jackie Collins [] , novelist
* Alan Coren [The Express 15 January 2005; David Robson at large: "a book of pieces by Alan Coren, a Jewish humorous writer"] , humorous writer:His children, Giles and Victoria, are also writers
* Charlotte Dacre [] , novelist and poet
* Isaac D'Israeli [] , writer
* Jenny Diski [] writer
* Richard Ellmann [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "the second of the three sons (there were no daughters) of James Isaac Ellmann, lawyer, a Jewish Romanian immigrant, and his wife, Jeanette Barsook, an immigrant from Kiev in Ukraine"] , literary scholar and biographer
* Moris Farhi, writer (Turkish born): TimesAd
* Benjamin Farjeon [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "His parents were Orthodox Jews"]
** Eleanor Farjeon, daughter of Benjamin Farjeon
* Gilbert Frankau [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "In spite of his Jewish descent his sympathies were with the extreme right"] , writer
* Stephen Fry [] , actor & writer
* Neil Gaiman [] , fantasy writer
* Louis Golding [] , novelist
* Lewis Goldsmith, journalist and political writer [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "he was of Portuguese Jewish descent"]
* Linda Grant [] , novelist
* Charlotte Haldane [] , feminist writer
* Basil Henriques []
* Muriel Gray [] , Author, 'The Tube' presenter.
* Zoë Heller [] , author (Jewish father)
* Noreena Hertz [] , great granddaughter of Joseph Hertz (Chief Rabbi of the British Empire)
* Joseph Jacobs [] , folklorist
* Howard Jacobson [] , writer & broadcaster
* Ruth Prawer Jhabvala [ [] "Anglo-Indian writer ... Ruth Prawer Jhabvala was born in Cologne, Germany. Her father, a lawyer, was of Polish-Jewish origin and her mother was German-Jewish. Jhabvala attended Jewish segregated school before she emigrated in 1939 with her family to Britain." Accessed 1 Nov 2006.] novelist and screenwriter
* Gabriel Josipovici, novelist and short story writer (JYB 2005 p215)

Authors, K-Z

* Judith Kerr [] , children's writer
* Matthew Kneale [] , writer (Jewish mother)
* Arthur Koestler [] , novelist & critic
* Marghanita Laski [] , writer
* Sir Sidney Lee (1859-1926) [] , biographer and literary scholar
* Joseph Leftwich [] , writer, one of the Whitechapel Boys
* David Levi [Dictionary of National Biography: "Jewish controversialist, born in London in 1740, was son of Mordecai Levi, a member of the London congregation of German and Polish Jews"] , writer on Jewish subjects
* Amy Levy, 1861-1889, poet, novelist, short story writer, essayist.
* Paul Levy, food writer, biographer. Long rabbinical pedigree, vide "Finger Lickin' Good: A Kentucky Childhood," (London 1986)
* Leo Marks [] , cryptographer & screenwriter
* Maisie Masco,writer
* Anna Maxted, writer, journalist
* George Mikes, Encyclopaedia Judaica vol 6, column 789, Hungarian-born comic writer
* Santa Montefiore ["The Independent" Feb 7, 2005; online here [ Findarticles] accessed 11 Dec 2006] , author (convert)
* Simon Sebag Montefiore [] , writer
* Harold Pinter [,1,6612239.story?coll=chi-ent_theater-hed] , writer, playwright
* Frederic Raphael [] , screenwriter, novelist & critic
* Michael Rosen [,,0_0141010274,00.html] , novelist, poet & broadcaster
* Bernice Rubens [] , novelist
* Will Self [] , novelist (Jewish mother)
* J David Simons, novelist
* Muriel Spark, [] , novelist (Jewish father, possible Jewish mother; converted to Catholicism later in life):"Jewish Chronicle" 13/3/1998 p1: "Dame Muriel Spark, the author of "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" and several other celebrated works, is halachically Jewish." (Says her mother was Jewish too.)
* Fredric Warburg, author and publisher
* Stephen Winsten [ Jewish Quarterly article on the Whitechapel Boys] , writer
* Leonard Woolf [] , writer & activist
* Rachel Zadok [,9950,1546300,00.html] , South African-born novelist
* Israel Zangwill [] , novelist:"Israel Zangwill, Anglo-Jewish writer and political activist, was probably the best known Jew in the English-speaking world at the start of the twentieth century."


* Dannie Abse [] , poet, brother of Leo Abse and psychoanalyst Wilfred Abse
* Al Alvarez [] , poet
* Ivor Cutler [] , poet, humorist, musician
* Elaine Feinstein [] , poet, writer, biographer
* Rose Fyleman [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "Her father was in the lace trade, and the family were freethinking Jews"] , children's writer
* Karen Gershon [] , German-born poet
* Philip Hobsbaum [,11617,1522850,00.html] , poet
* Jenny Joseph, poet (The Times (London); 23/11/02; Amanda Craig; p. 6)
* Laurence Lerner [] , poet (born South Africa)
* Denise Levertov [] [] , poet, born in England
* Peter Levi [] , poet (born Jewish; family converted to Catholicism)
* Amy Levy [] , poet & novelist
* Vivian de Sola Pinto [] , poet
* John Rodker, poet and publisher: "Anglo-Jewish poetry from Isaac Rosenberg to Elaine Feinstein" by Peter Lawson; ISBN 0-85303-617-9
* Isaac Rosenberg [] , war poet
* Siegfried Sassoon [] , poet:"Abstract: "Difference at War" is a comparative study of three Jewish poet-soldiers of the First World War: Siegfried Sassoon, Isaac Rosenberg, and U. Z. Grinberg. ... The poetry of each of these Jewish poets was transformed by the War"
* Jon Silkin [] , poet
* Humbert Wolfe [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born Umberto Wolff in Milan of Jewish parentage"] , poet and civil servant


* Peter Barnes [,3604,1253915,00.html] , playwright
* Ronald Harwood [] , playwright & screenwriter
* Patrick Marber [] , playwright & comedian
* Harold Pinter [,1,6612239.story?coll=chi-ent_theater-hed] , playwright
* Jack Rosenthal [] , TV playwright
* Peter & Anthony Shaffer [,3604,589481,00.html] , playwrights
* Tom Stoppard [] , playwright
* Alfred Sutro [] , playwright
* Arnold Wesker [] , playwright


* Barbara Amiel [Daily Mail, 21/12/2001, p13: "Conrad Black's wife Barbara Amiel, a Jewish writer"]
* Lionel Blue, rabbi and journalist
* Alex Brummer, Economic and financial journalist and biographer
* Ian Buruma [] , Dutch-born author and journalist
* John Diamond [,3604,445498,00.html] , journalist
* Oliver Finegold [,14173,1409315,00.html] , journalist
* Jonathan Freedland [,,1666626,00.html] , journalist
* Ernest Abraham Hart [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "as a Jew, and therefore subject to the University Test Acts, Hart decided against university entry"]
* Christopher Hitchens [,,683899,00.html] journalist & writer
* Dominic Lawson [Jewish Chronicle, July 29, 2005 p.24: "Lawson - one of the few Jewish editors of a national paper"] , journalist
* Nigella Lawson [] , Cookery writer
* Norman Lebrecht [] , journalist, writer & critic
* Bernard Levin [,,1279720,00.html] , journalist & broadcaster
* Emily Maitlis [] , TV newscaster & reporter
* Melanie Phillips [] , journalist
* Marjorie Proops [] , agony aunt
* Richard Quest [,,1946121,00.html] , CNN International anchorman
* Kimberly Quinn [] , publisher
* Claire Rayner [] , agony aunt
* Jon Ronson, [] Journalist, author, documentary filmmaker and radio presenter.
* Jon Sopel, [] Journalist, presents "The Politics Show" on BBC One and is one of the lead presenters on News 24.
* Jim Rosenthal, TV sports journalist & presenter (The Observer (London); 18/12/05; p. 6)
* Mark Steyn [] journalist & writer
* Victor Weisz, "Vicky" [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "born in Germany of Hungarian Jewish parents"] , cartoonist
* Nicky Woolf, journalist


* JYB = Jewish Year Book
* TimesAd: "The Times", 6/7/06 p34: "A Call by Jews in Britain" (advert signed by 300 British Jews)


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