The Roadjammers are a group of four humans in Marvel Comics' "Transformers" comic. They only appeared in one issue, number #46.

The Roadjammers work as vigilantes and bounty hunters, catching criminals and giving them to the police for a reward. Originally, the team just consisted of Felix and Skunge, who worked as a pair. Felix is a technical genius and the mastermind of the team, while Skunge adds brawn to his brainwork.

Later, an offer from the Z Foundation caught the interest of not only Felix and Skunge, but also of Road-Hog, a gangsta-styled African American who loves motorcycle riding and Burn-Out, a psychopath obsessed with destruction. Despite some initial arguments, the four teamed up as the Roadjammers.

The Z Foundation gave the Roadjammers the task of incapacitating and capturing all Transformers they could find, and equipped them with "jammers", small electronic devices that disrupt a Transformer's circuitry, causing it to lock in place. The Roadjammers were able to capture three Autobots, but when they brought them over to the Z Foundation, they also discovered three powered-down Decepticons inside the foundation's headquarters. The Roadjammers captured the Decepticons too, but when the Z Foundation discovered this, they unveiled themselves to be a Decepticon plot to defeat the Autobots and conquer the Earth.

Lord Zarak, the leader of the Z Foundation, called in Scorponok to kill the Roadjammers, but the Roadjammers used the Transformers they had captured against him, defeating Scorponok and being able to escape. Despite Felix's promise at the end of the issue: "The Roadjammers will return!", the Roadjammers were never seen again.

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