List of Latin nicknames of the Middle Ages

Doctor Acutissimus
Doctor Angelicus
D. Arca testamenti
Doctor Christianus
Divinus Ecstaticus
Doctor Ecstaticus (Denis Carthusian)
Doctor Evangelicus
Doctor Eximius
Doctor Famosus
Doctor Illuminatus (Ramon Llull)
Doctor Illuminatus et sublimis
Doctor Magnus; Doctor Universalis
Doctor Marianus; Doctor Subtilis
Doctor Mirabilis
Doctor Refulgidus
Doctor Seraphicus; Doctor Devotus
Doctor Singularis et invincibilis
Doctor Solidus Copiosus
Doctor Venerabilis et Christianissimus

It was customary in the European Middle Ages, more precisely in the period of scholasticism which extended into early modern times, to designate the more celebrated among the doctors of theology and law by epithets or surnames which were supposed to express their characteristic excellence or dignity. The following list exhibits the principal surnames with the dates of death.

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Alphabetical lists, by accolade

Doctors in theology

Accolade Name Religious Order Death
Doctor Magister Abstractionum Francis Mayron O.F.M. 1325 or 1327
Doctor Acutissimus Pope Sixtus IV - 1484
Doctor Acutus Francis Mayron O.F.M. 1325-27
Doctor Acutus Gabriel Vasquez S.J. 1604
Doctor Amoenus Robert Cowton O.F.M. 1340
Doctor Angelicus Thomas Aquinas O.P. 1274
Doctor Arca testamenti Anthony of Padua - 1231
Doctor Authenticus Gregory of Rimini O.S.A. 1358
Doctor Authenticus Thomas Netter O.Carm 1431
Doctor Averroista et philosophiae parens Urbanus O.S.M. 1403
Doctor Beatus et fundatissimus Giles of Rome O.S.A. 1316
Doctor Bonus Walter Burley O.F.M. 1310
Doctor Christianus Nicholas of Cusa - 1464
Doctor Clarus Louis of Montesinos - 1621
Doctor Clarus ac subtilis Denis of Cîteaux - 14?? (15th c.)
Doctor Collectivus Landolfo Caracciolo O.F.M. 1351
Doctor Columna doctorum William of Champeaux O.S.B. 1121
Doctor Contradictionum Johann Wessel - 1489
Doctor Difficilis Giovanni da Ripa O.F. 1368
Doctor Divinus Ecstaticus John of Ruysbroeck Can. Reg. 1381
Doctor doctorum Scholasticus Anselm of Laon - 1117
Doctor Dulcifluus Antonius Andreas O.F.M. 1320
Doctor Ecstaticus Denis the Carthusian - 1471
Doctor Eminens John of Matha O.Trin. 1213
Doctor Emporium theologiae Laurent Gervais O.P. 1483
Doctor Evangelicus John Wycliffe - 1330
Doctor Excellentissimus Antonio Corsetti - 1503
Doctor Eximius Francisco Suárez S.J. 1617
Doctor Facundus Petrus Aureoli O.F.M. 1322
Doctor Famosissimus Petrus Alberti O.S.B. 1426
Doctor Famosus Bertrand de Turre O.F.M. 1334
Doctor Fertilis Francis of Candia O.F.M. 14?? (15th c.)
Doctor Floridus Guillaume de Vorillon O.F. 1463
Doctor Flos mundi Maurice O'Fiehely O.F.M. Abp of Tuam 1513
Doctor Fundamentalis Joannes Faber of Bordeaux - 1350
Doctor Fundatissimus Giles of Rome - 1316
Doctor Fundatissimus Willem Hessels van Est - 1613
Doctor Fundatus William of Ware O.F.M. 1270
Doctor Illibatus Alexander Alamannicus O.F.M. 14?? (15th c.)
Doctor Illuminatus Francis Mayron O.F.M. 1325-27
Doctor Illuminatus Ramon Llull O.F.M. 1315
Doctor Illuminatus et sublimis Johannes Tauler O.P. 1361
Doctor Illustratus Franciscus Picenus O.F.M. 13?? (14th c.)
Doctor Illustris Adam of Marisco O.F.M. 1308
Doctor Inclytus William Mackelfield O.P. 1300
Doctor Ingeniosissimus André of Neufchâteau O.F.M. 1300
Doctor Inter Aristotelicos Aristotelicissimus Haymo of Faversham O.F.M. 1244
Doctor Invincibilis Petrus Thomas O.F.M. 13?? (14th c.)
Doctor Irrefragibilis Alexander of Hales O.F.M. 1245
Doctor Magister Sententiarum Peter Lombard - 1164
Doctor Magnus Albertus Magnus O.P. 1280
Doctor Magnus Gilbert of Citeaux O.Cist 1280
Doctor Marianus Anselm of Canterbury O.S.B. 1109
Doctor Marianus Duns Scotus[1] O.F.M. 1308
Doctor Mellifluus Bernard of Clairvaux O.Cist 1153
Doctor Mirabilis Roger Bacon O.F.M. 1294
Doctor Mirabilis Antonio Pérez S.J. 1649
Doctor Moralis Gerardus Odonis O.F.M. 1349
Doctor Notabilis Pierre de l'Ile O.F.M. 13?? (14th c.)
Doctor Ordinatissimus Johannes de Bassolis O.F.M. 1347 (circa)
Doctor Ornatissimus et sufficiens Petrus de Aquila O.F.M. 1344
Doctor Pacificus (Proficuus, Imaginativus) Nicolas Bonet O.F.M. 1360
Doctor Parisiensis Guido Terrena O.Carm 1342
Doctor Planus et utilis Nicolas de Lyre O.F.M. 1340
Doctor Praeclarus Peter of Kaiserslautern O.Praem 1330
Doctor Praestantissimus Thomas Netter O.Carm 1431
Doctor Profundissimus Paul of Venice O.S.A. 1428
Doctor Profundissimus Gabriel Biel Can. Reg. 1495
Doctor Profundissimus Juan Alfonso Curiel O.S.B. 1609
Doctor Profundus Thomas Bradwardine - 1349
Doctor Profundus Giacomo di Ascoli O.F.C. 1310 (circa)
Doctor Rarus Hervaeus Natalis[2] O.P. 1323
Doctor Refulgidus Pope Alexander V - 1410
Doctor Resolutissimus Durandus of Saint-Pourçain O.P. 1334
Doctor Resolutus John Baconthorpe O.Carm. 1346
Doctor Scholasticus Peter Abelard - 1142
Doctor Scholasticus Gilbert de la Porrée - 1154
Doctor Scholasticus Peter Lombard - 1164
Doctor Scholasticus Peter of Poitiers - 1205
Doctor Scholasticus Hugh of Newcastle O.F.M. 1322
Doctor Scotellus Antonius Andreas O.F.M. 1320
Doctor Scotellus Peter of Aquila O.F.M 1361
Doctor Scotellus Stephanus Brulefer O.F.M 1497 (circa)
Doctor Seraphicus (Doctor Devotus) Bonaventure O.F.M. 1274
Doctor Singularis et invincibilis William of Ockham O.F.M. 1347 or 1359
Doctor Solemnis (Doctor Validus) Henry of Ghent - 1293
Doctor Solidus Copiosus Richard of Middleton O.F.M. 1300
Doctor Speculativus (Doctor Gratiosus) James of Viterbo O.S.A. 1307
Doctor Strenuus (Doctor Proficuus) Petrus Thomas O.F. 13?? (14th c.)
Doctor Sublimis Franciscus de Bachone O.Carm. 1372
Doctor Sublimis Jean Courte-Cuisse - 1425
Doctor Subtilis (Doctor Marianus) Duns Scotus O.F.M. 1308
Doctor Subtilissimus Peter of Mantua - 13?? (14th c.)
Doctor Succinctus Francis of Ascoli - 1344 (circa)
Doctor Supersubtilis Giovanni da Ripa O.F. 1368
Doctor Universalis Alain de Lille - 1202
Doctor Universalis Albertus Magnus O.P. 1280
Doctor Universalis Gilbert, Bishop of London - 1134
Doctor Venerabilis et Christianissimus Jean Gerson - 1429
Doctor Venerandus Geoffroy de Fontibus O.F.M. 1240
Doctor Vitae Arbor Johannes Wallensis O.F.M. 1300

Doctors in law

Accolade Name Death
Doctor Aristotelis Anima Johannes Dondus 1380
Doctor a Doctoribus Antonius Franciscus 1528
Doctor Fons Canonum Johannes Andrea 1348
Doctor Fons Juris Utriusque Henry of Susa (Ostia) 1267-81
Doctor Lucerna Juris Baldus de Ubaldis 1400
Doctor Lucerna Juris Pontificii Nicholas Tedeschi (O.S.B.) 1445
Doctor Lumen Juris Pope Clement IV 1268
Doctor Lumen Legum Irnerius 1125 (after)
Doctor Memoriosissimus Ludovicus Pontanus 1439
Doctor Monarcha Juris Bartholomew of Saliceto 1412
Doctor Os Aureum Bulgarus 1166
Doctor Pater Decretalium Gregory IX 1241
Doctor Pater et Organum Veritatis Pope Innocent IV 1254
Doctor Pater Juris Pope Innocent III 1216
Doctor Pater Peritorum Pierre de Belleperche 1307
Doctor Planus ac Perspicuus Walter Burleigh 1337
Doctor Princeps Subtilitatum Francesco d'Accolti 1486
Doctor Speculator William Durandus 1296
Doctor Speculum Juris Bartholus of Sassoferrato 1359
Doctor Subtilis Benedict Raymond 1440
Doctor Subtilis Filippo Corneo 1462
Doctor Verus Thomas Doctius, Siena 1441

Other medieval accolades

Accolade Name Death Translation/Notes
Apostolus St. Paul 67 Due to his preeminence among the Letters of the Apostles within the Bible
Commentator Averroes (Ibn Rushd) 1198
Magister sententiarum Peter Lombard 1160
Philosophus Aristoteles BC 322




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