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"Looney Tunes Racing" is a kart racing video game released in November 2000 for the Playstation console. It was published by Infogrames, and was rated 'E' for Everyone by the ESRB.


Listed in order on the selection screen. Each character (usually) has a themed kart to go with him or her.

Starting characters

*Bugs Bunny
*Marvin the Martian
*Lola Bunny
*Daffy Duck
*The Tasmanian Devil
*Wile E Coyote

Hidden characters

*Yosemite Sam
*Sylvester the Cat
*Foghorn Leghorn
*Pepe LePew
*Elmer Fudd
*Porky Pig
*Duck Dodgers
*The Evil Scientist
*Rocky the mobster
*Smokey the genie

Tweety flutters on the menu screens, and waves the checkered flag at the finish.

Game modes


The game features a normal season ('Championship') mode with three levels, each with 4 (Rascal), 5 (Stinker), or 6 (Despicable) races. All tracks are unique. Each race features 6 racers, and awards 10 points for first, 6 for second, and 4 for third. Finishing fourth or worse requires you to use a continue (you start with three) to retry the race.

Winning a championship unlocks a bonus level and a character. Winning the Despicable championship also leads you to either a specific ending movie (for one of the starting characters) or a generic showing of the trophy (for the hidden ones). The ending movie shows the results of your character's wish, awarded by Smokey the genie (although he always congratulates them for winning 'the race', not the series).

Single race

One can also race on individual tracks, unlocked once they are won in 'Championship' mode. Also found here are three bonus levels won in 'Championship' mode.

Acme Challenge

From the game: "Complete all 15 challenges to reopen the museum. Race your best for extra bonuses and secrets!"

This is 15 special races, divided into three 'floors' of five events each. The last event in each is a race on a short track against a secret character (Porky, Elmer, or Gossamer). The other four events range from collection (gather a certain number of icons around an arena), to special conditions (no brakes, for example), to time trials.

Winning each event recovers an artifact from the museum. Each event can end with failure or a medal for success: bronze (minimum win), silver (slightly tougher), or gold (toughest). Winning a medal on each event unlocks the next floor; winning a medal on all events on the third floor unlocks the 'Challenge' ending movie, where the Acme museum is (temporarily) reopened.


Two players can either race, battle, or try 'Wacky', which brings up random events for the two to try. Note that in battle mode, the two most powerful powerups are deactivated for battle events.For race events, the bonus levels are replaced by the short speedways used in the challenge events.


The controls are standard for the genre--accelerate, brake, handbrake, fire weapon, steer. Analog control is available.

The available weapons are slightly unusual for the genre--instead of random pickups as in most games, racers collect tokens which are used to charge various weapons. Six levels are available, and only the topmost level may be activated.

Also available are environmental hazards, triggered by driving through an 'ACME gag-activation arch', generally aimed further ahead on the track.

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