Volterra (disambiguation)

Volterra may refer to the following:

* Volterra - a town in Italy
* Daniele da Volterra - an Italian painter
* Francesco da Volterra - an Italian painter
* Vito Volterra - an Italian mathematician
* Volterra Semiconductor - an American semiconductor company

In mathematics:
* Lotka-Volterra equation, also known as the predator-prey equations
* The Smith-Volterra-Cantor set, a Cantor set with measure greater than zero.
* Volterra's function, a differentiable function whose derivative is not Riemann integrable.
* Volterra integral equation, a generalization of the indefinite integral.
* Volterra operator, a bounded linear operator on the space of square integrable functions, the operator corresponding to an indefinite integral.
* Volterra series
* Volterra space, a property of topological spaces

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