Coat of Arns of NDC-GR

The NATO Deployable Corps - Greece, abbreviated NDC-GR, is an operational headquarters of the Hellenic Army, intended for the direction of international operations undertaken by the European Union and NATO. The parent HQ descends from the disbanded III Army Corps of the Hellenic Army.


NDC-GR will provide the HQ capabilities for sustainment and rotation for prolonged operations. In order to operate throughout the entire spectrum of NATO missions which may range from high to low intensity, an FLR(L) HQ must be able to fulfill the two broad functions of sustaining/rotating an HRF(L) HQ or as an AJFCC.

NDC-GR HQ will be declared to NATO and will be placed under OPCOM to SACEUR once the North Atlantic Council has agreed upon a mission. The HQ can be deployed as an FLR (L) HQ Alliance-wide and beyond. It will be able to operate throughout the entire mission spectrum, ranging from PSO up to high intensity combat operations in any physical environment.

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