Vote to Attack (Mobile Suit Gundam)

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Title= Vote to Attack
episode_no= 3

airdateUS= July 25, 2001
Episode -2=Gundam Rising
Episode -1=Destroy Gundam!
Current Episode= Vote to Attack
Episode +1= Escape From Luna II
Episode +2= Re-Entry to Earth

"Vote to Attack" is the third episode [] of Mobile Suit Gundam.

Plot summary

White Base is now headed for Luna II, a meteor that was stabilized in orbit, and is now used as resources for colony construction. There, they can finally meet up with the Federation. The crew becomes worried, as the Musai is still following them, waiting for their next attack. On the Musai, Char finds that he is unable to get the quality supplies he requested from Dozle, including two Zakus instead of three.

Bright and Mirai discuss whether the Musai is actually holding back due to low supplies, or to give the illusion that they're low on supplies. That is when they spot the supply ship approaching. The crew is divided on whether or not to launch an attack, so Bright calls everyone on the ship to the bridge. There, he tells everyone they can either make a run for Luna II, or attack the Musai, and that either choice has a 50-50 chance of success. It is put up to vote, and the majority rules that they should attack. Everyone prepares to attack, and the White Base pulls around 180 degrees to face the Musai.

As the supply ship docks along the Musai, Amuro and Ryu approach from the rear. They begin firing, destroying the link between the ships. The Zakus are deployed and begin engaging them. Char meets Amuro once again, but Char proves too fast for him, gaining the upper-hand, but a message is sent to Char that the White Base has begun firing on the Musai. Char tries to reach the White Base while Amuro attempts to deter him. Kai and Hayato are firing from the White Base, but Ryu continually intercepts Kai's line of fire. Bright tries to tell Ryu to get out of the way, but Ryu has disconnected communications with the White Base. Char knocks Amuro around but must retreat to the Musai, which is currently unable to return fire.

Since Kai and Hayato cannot fire from the White Base, he suggests they use the Guntank, one of the three mobile suits that remained intact from Side 7. The Musai manages to get its particle cannon working, and fires on White Base, which hastens the deployment of the Guntank. They fire on the supply ship, destroying it, but the Zeon crew manages to retrieve all the supplies. The commander of the ship, Gadem, is now piloting his Zaku I, and goes off to fight the Gundam, confident that he can destroy it. He dodges the Gundam's beam saber and tackles the white mobile suit. However, Amuro manages to quickly recover, and destroys the Zaku. After the resulting explosion, Bright calls everyone back, as the supply ship has been destroyed, and they get back on course to Luna II.

*Mecha Introduced: Guntank, Zaku I
*The Guntank is used for the first time.

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