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Location of Dalola Union Council (highlighted in red) within Abbottabad district, the names of the neighbouring districts to Abbottabad are also shown.
Coordinates: 34°21′20″N 73°23′50″E / 34.35556°N 73.39722°E / 34.35556; 73.39722
Country  Pakistan
Province Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
District Abbottabad
Tehsil Abbottabad[1]
 - Nazim Muhammad Shafi
 - Naib Nazim Muhammad Javed
 - Total 18,900

Dalola is one of the 51 union councils (sub-divisions) of Abbottabad District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.[2]



Dalola is located at 34°21'20N 73°23'50E and has an average elevation of 798 metres (2621 ft).[3] Dalola is the most north-eastern part of the district, it borders U.C Karnol & Garhi Habibullah of Mansehra District to the north and the River Kunhar and Muzaffarabad District of Kashmir to the east. To the south lies U.C Boi and to the west situated Tarnawai (U.C Banda Pir Khan). It was hit quite badly by the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake.


The Union Council is subdivided into the following areas: Dabban, Dalola and Naroka.[1] The total area of U.C Dalola is 8,514 acres (34.45 km2) of which Dalola proper is(6172 acres), Dabban (1689 acres) and Naroka (653 acres). Total population according to 1998 census was 18900 with literacy rate of 43%.


Dalola is named after Sikh which indicates Sikh presence in the area during early 19th century. However their presence was nominal as all the surrounding hills were occupied by Muslim tribes. When Sikh lost their territories all our Hazara and Punjab during Anglo Sikh war (1845-46) they were either killed by hill tribes or narrowly escaped from their persecution. These tribes captured and divided lands among themselves and which they still hold. During British rule the area remain semi independent paying revenue like rest of Hazara tribes and despite many attempts by Khan of Garhi and Sultan of Boi to capture Dalola, it was never subdued or came under their influence.


Main tribes residing in Dalola are Dhund Abbassi and Awans. Other tribes are Karlal,Satti with few Syed, Kashmiri,Sarrara,Qureshi,Raja families and also some village artizans and menials. Dhund tribe is further subdivided into Meriwal, Charwal, Malik, Tatial and the main Awan subtribe is Bagwal.


Coordinates: 34°21′20″N 73°23′50″E / 34.35556°N 73.39722°E / 34.35556; 73.39722

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