Berote Kalan

Berote Kalan

Union Councils
name = Birote Kalan

caption = Birote Kalan is located in Abbottabad District
province = NWFP
district = Abbottabad
tehsil = Abbottabad
nazim = Afaq Ahmed Abbasi [ Berote Kalan Union Council] ]
naib nazim = Muhammad Sarwar Abbasi
population = 26,012
coordinates =

Birote Kalan is one of the 51 Union councils of Abbottabad District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. [ [ Administrative Units of District Abbottabad] ]


The name of the union council "Birote Kalan" means Greater Birote, this is to differentiate it from the smaller settlement of "Birote Khurd". The words Khurd and Kalan (little and big) are administrative terminology dating back to Mughal times - to differentiate two areas with the same name, hence Birote Khurd means little Khurd. The words Khurd (small) and Kalan (Big) are taken form Persian.(cf. Britannia major, "Greater Britain" and Britannia minor "Lesser Britain").


Birote Kalan is located in the south eastern part of Abbottabad District and borders the Bagh District of Kashmir and consequently was affected by the 2005 Pakistan earthquake as the epicentre was in Kashmir.


The Union Council is subdivided into the following areas: Berote Kalan, Berote Khurd, Kahoo Gharbi and Kahoo Sharqi.

Historical mile stones

*Mohammed Khuda Bakhsh of Mohalla Thathi of Birote who participated in World War One between 1914-18. He is great grandfather of teacher Shokat Awan and grand father-in-law of Zahoor carpenter of Birote. He died in 1996 in age of 128 years.
*The oldest women was Afret Jan, grandmother of Breg. (R) Musaddiq Abbasi and mother of prominent leaguer of Circle Bakote Sadiq Abbasi, who died aged one hundred years in 1978 in Birote.
*Another oldest women of Birote Munsif Jan (Nickname Pairho) died in age of 110 years on 21 January 2007. She married Akbar Khan of Faqiraal Dhond Abbasi sub tribe of Tangan, Kahoo Sharqi in 1921 and was widowed in 1951.
*Haji Muhammad Ajaib Khan Late (10th NOV, 1941 to 2nd June 2008) One of The most Famous Personality of Birote in 1980 he shifted his Home from Birote Khurd to Birote Kalan. He got Marry in a very much reputable and Political Family (KIAS DI NAAL)of Birote Khurd.
*The Great Mother of M Ajaib Khan was the first woman of Birote Khurd who went for Pilgrimage in 1977 in the age of 95 years and she died in the age of 105 years.
*Abdul Rehman Abbasi Son of Haji Muhammad Ajaib Khan is the First Person of Birote Khurd & Kalan who got License of Telecommunication Business in Afghanistan, and doing business in Afghanistan.

2005 earthquake

Mohammed Reaz, a teacher of Kahoo Sharqi, provided internet access to earthquake survivors at Rs. 20 to search names in website [ [ Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation authority] ] , which was below the usual rate of Rs. 100/. It is worth mentioned that ERRA official and lack of information to earthquake effects disturbed them and no one help them in this regard. People of Berote Kalan were paying happily to Teacher Mohammed Reaz. He is earning more than Rs. 1,000/= daily to people. This is first time in UC Birote a private internet facility providing to public in the first week of Jan. 2007.


In September 2006, Shamim Akhter Abbasi was unanimously re-elected as the female councillor for UC Birote following the death of Robina Mumtaz of Basian three months earlier.In election 2008 she re-elected as the female councillor.


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